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Hate Never Dies: Perseus's POV

by Carmen Lopez

Carmen Lopez This miniseries will have two POVs: Perseus (a new character of mine) and Rose Devlin.

Making blatantly racist characters is fun guys!
Why her?

Of all the other Mudbloods in this class, why did the professor have to put him with Rose Devlin? She and her loathsome twin Sidney represented everything wrong with Hogwarts and the wizarding world today! The professors talked of inter-house unity, but Perseus knew what they really meant. They were hoping that they could change people like him even though he wasn’t in Slytherin like their target audience.

When those old bleeding hearts talked of “cooperation” they never seemed to realize the consequences of their actions. They tried to say that blood purity didn’t matter, but what a big lie! Yes, Voldemort’s methods were off, but that doesn’t mean he was completely wrong. Thanks to negligence from the older wizards, their world was facing a new problem.

A new schism was developing at Hogwarts and Perseus could see it as clear as the day: it was between those who grew up immersed in Muggle culture and the ones who didn’t.

Unlike the Mudbloods of the past, these heathens didn’t even attempt to leave their culture behind. The halls buzzed with the talk of Muggle nonsense at every step. Talk that seemed to grow louder with every year. Wizarding culture was being destroyed and most of them turned a blind eye. Some even viewed it as progress. Even a few of the purebloods were selling out just to fit in with the Mudblood scum. It all felt like a sick joke. When he wrote home to his parents telling them about how he felt like an outsider because of the unwanted influence, they were furious. His own inner rage increased every year as the number of these ‘liberated’ Mudbloods increased.

And their patron saint was Sidney Devlin, the loudmouthed chaser on Gryffindor’s quidditch team. That idiot routinely complained about how much more efficient the Muggle world was and going on and on about this thing called the Internet. At that moment, Perseus hand wanted to take Sidney’s wand and snap it in two. They had had only one confrontation that ended in a fight. After that, Persus began to despise him like no one else.

He hadn’t had much support in his own house; the ones who did agree with him were too cowardly to stand with him. He did have acquaintances in the other three houses however but they were laying low per his instructions. While their numbers were small at the moment, they would work together to keep wizarding culture pure and free from the intrusion of an inferior product. Once they gained prominence more people, including the scared ones from Hufflepuff, would join in…

But first, Perseus had to survive this class. He’d never gotten over his disappointment that Rose was a Mudblood (and being related to Sidney). He remembered that first day in class. They were the only ones to successfully transfigure their toothpicks at the end of the introduction. He remembered how pleased she was. If she wasn’t black, she would’ve blushed at the professor’s compliment.

Perseus took a seat next to her and looked away. He could still feel her eyes on him though, and he couldn’t stop himself from making a sound out his disgust. What little wizarding family she had must have taught her very well because she certainly had him fooled that first day. Alas, she was beneath him and that was that. No matter how pretty and intelligent she was, she was a Mudblood…
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