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... happy halloween with Espurr... *w*

by Noctie

Noctie Hi everyone, I know that Halloween is very important in the USA, so here a little gift for you.

In France, Halloween doesn't really exist. Just a few second before I come back to my home, I see little children without costume ask for candies... I'm a little sad because they don't really understand the magic of Halloween : COSTUME !

BTW I see others children with costume, and they are juste so cute ^___^

Here a little Espurr because he is so scary.
[​IMG] http://www.facebook.com/Umbreo.Noctie
[​IMG] http://umbreonoctie.deviantart.com
  1. ShinyZekrom009
    O_O The eyes. THE. EYES. *shivers*

    You have made Espurr's gaze even creepier. Kudos to you :D
    Oct 31, 2013
    Noctie likes this.