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Halo and Rufus: Halo and Rufus cha. 1

by SparkyLewis949

SparkyLewis949 Halo has never had the luxury of being shiny: No one knew what Pokemon he was, and he was different then anyone else in his family. 2 years after a war he fought with other misfits, he meets Rufus, a young shiny Drilbur training to fight in future wars.
I wake up in my bed for the 3rd time this night, shuddering. The war dreams just won't go away. I decide not to fall asleep again, and walk downstairs. It's 2 AM, so i pour myself some coffee to keep awake. I check Feb. 14th(Today), and a red circle is around it. "Oh, it's today. I need to get ready." I say. Today was a day a new recruit would come to learn my knowledge. I knew nothing of him, just that his name was Rufus.

I clean up a little bit. No need for a young Pokemon to get hurt until war. The doorbell rings at exactly 6 AM, and I look around. I look down, and a little odd-looking Drilbur looks up at me. "No, I don't want cookies, sir." I say, about to shut the door, but he stops me. "Sir, I'm not selling anything," He says to me. "I'm Rufus."
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