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Half-Blood Trainers: Half-Blood Trainers

by Percabeth316

Percabeth316 A crossover of Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus and Pokemon.
(The Seven and a few others are thirteen, except for Hazel, who in this is ten.)
Chapter One - Annabeth's Point-of-View

I woke up in my room.
Well, my room in the Unova Pokemon School, located in Nimbasa City.
Oh, I should probably tell you who I am, shouldn't I?
I am Annabeth Chase, daughter of the Kanto Champion, Athena.
I'm originally from the Oblivia region, but my dad had me and my step-family move here.
But that's fine, I've gotten used to being at the school.
Unlike my sort-of friend, Percy Jackson. The son of Poseidon, the Champion of Johto.
Speaking of Percy, I should probably go make sure he's awake.

Percy's Point-of-View
I woke up to someone knocking on my door.
It's Annabeth, isn't it?
Because she always had to wake me up.
"Percy? Percy, get up!"
It was Annabeth.
"Percy, if you don't get up right now, I won't help you with your homework!"
I pretty much jumped out of bed--that was just about the worst thing she could say.
Because trust me, she meant what she said.
I walked to the door.

"You don't remember what today is, do you?"
Today was important?

Annabeth sighed and rolled her eyes. "Field trip to Aspertia? Some of us getting starters? Ring a bell?"
"Rings a lot of bells, actually. Y'know, considering how many times you reminded me."
"And yet you still forgot."
"So are we sitting together on the bus?"
"...Go brush your teeth and your hair, and you'll find out." Annabeth said, before walking away.