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Gon vs Kirby

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Gon vs Kirby
Kirby walked around his home, Dreamland, happily dancing and playing. Suddenly, an orange baby dinosaur was plopped down right in Kirby’s way by a mechanical arm. Kirby saw the dinosaur, named Gon, but chose to ignore it. Kirby hadn’t realised his mistake, as Gon began eating trees, rocks and his best friends, Gooey and Bandana Dee. Kirby saw this and panicked, making Gon cough out the blue blob and orange warrior. Kirby began yelling gibberish at Gon, which the dinosaur understood and got angry about it. The two strongest eaters charged at each other, both very mad. Gon started scratching at Kirby, who blocked all of the attacks, but Gon kicked Kirby away. Kirby was kicked repeatedly until Kirby grabbed the next foot and threw Gon at a tree. Kirby went into his stomach dimension, then a fire erupted around him. He was now Fire Kirby, and began blowing fireballs. Gon dodged some of them, but was still hit by most. The Yoshi rip-off, now angered, lunged at Kirby, mouth wide open. Kirby sent a fire blast at the mouth of his reptilian foe, which sent Gon sprawling away, screaming. Kirby began punching Gon with fiery fists, then spat out a fireball. Gon got angry, so he ran away. Kirby did a victory pose, but was punched in the back by Gon, who ran across the planet in a few seconds. Gon began kicking and punching Kirby, then bit into like a marsh mellow. Kirby jumped out and now had a green elf hat and sword. Kirby and Gon began clashing, sword against claw. Kirby then shot a Sword Beam, which sent Gon flying. The dinosaur roared and began trying to scratch Kirby, each blocked by his sword. Sword Kirby then jumped in the air and started shooting Sword Beams continuously. Gon began getting cut, but shrugged it off and began biting Kirby, who kicked one of Gon’s teeth out. This got him furious, so Gon picked up Kirby and smashed him into the ground. Kirby lost his sword and hat, so he instead pulled out….an umbrella. Just as Gon started to laugh out loud, he was hit by an extremely powerful force. Kirby began whacking Gon reapedetly, the dinosaur screaming in pain. Kirby then picked up Gon with his parasol and whacked him into outer space. Kirby tossed his umbrella away, and sat down, peacefully. He however, saw Gon soaring down back at him, ready to use his earth shattering kick. Kirby glared, and flew up, ready to use his earth shattering punch. They clash, and a huge shockwave appeared, destroying all the mountains and trees around them, also sending Gooey into a rock and led to Bandanna Dee fainting. The shockwave covered where Kirby and Gon were, but we can here Gon scream in pain and frustration, then a loud explosion. It is there we see Kirby floating back to earth, with Gon’s itty bitty orange bits and body parts raining down on Dreamland. When Kirby lands, he does his own version of Godzilla’s roar, as a sign of triumph.
This fight’s winner is: