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Gallade Snow Form

by Countbleck

Gallade snow form Hall_Of_Fame.png
Countbleck Well, just so you know, I did not copy. Anyway, if you are wondering how I made it, lets go into the place where EVERYTHING is 0 Poke-Cash. First of all, I recommend paint but if it does not work for you (Fix the eraser, paint!), get an program like Realworld Paint (I used it). First of all, colour the work the way you want. Secondly, you NEED to copy and paste it onto an program where you can make an shadow and bevel (I didn't need to due to Realworld Paint :D) and there you go! This is MY OWN WORK. I do not want anyone to copy this.
  1. imafancyman
    YOU SAVED IT AS A .jpg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jan 31, 2014