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Gaiien Region: Gaiien and Surrounding Regions

by Keleri

Keleri A map of Gaiien and its surrounding regions with their "capitals"/largest cities marked.

Gaiien - the region I'm working on now and where Gods and Demons I is set. Gaiien is mostly forest and mountains especially counting the northern areas, but the southern area of the "elbow" is drier. Gaiien's league has the usual 8 gyms/4 elites/champion setup, but the 8th gym is located so far north that it's hard to complete the league in a single summer. S-tier trainers are advised to start the league in any order, but to head to the 7th and 8th gyms as soon as travel is clear for the season. Its pokedex will have ~150 pokemon + formes when I'm done. Not based on any particular country on Earth. Its gym city names are based on colors/environmental qualities.

Tanos - a hot and dry region, it shares pokemon with Gaiien as well as having a number of its own. Sort of a mixture between the SW US and various savannah/pampas environments from around the world. Its cities and points of interests are named after minerals and gemstones.

Tanir - has a Kanto/Johto relationship to Tanos; it's pretty much the same in terms of climate and landforms but it's more rural/rustic compared to Tanos. Shares a pokedex with Tanos, with some additions/subtractions.

Sirtya - a very sparsely populated region, this region was set up for Third Crossing people from northern europe and asia to live traditional lifestyles. Shares its pokedex with northern Gaiien with a few other species. Named after a semi-legendary Palaeosiberian group. No official gym system, but a robust system of training pokemon--they are needed for protection from other pokemon and megafauna that never went extinct on Gaia.

Ralik - Marshallese for "Sunset", a small cluster of islands with endemic and oceangoing pokemon. Mostly serves as a stopover for people flying or sailing west. Climate is mild but the islands are fairly far north and can be stormy.

Nalea - the region in Gods and Demons II, this region is the original landing site for the Second Crossing and humans' only region until shipbuilding was redeveloped. It is hotter and wetter than Gaiien and heavily developed to a medieval/renaissance level of technology; only a few wild areas remain. Not based on any particular country on earth, maybe similar to Japan/southern China/SE Asia in terms of climate and crops. Nalea has a temple/shrine for each type and eight clans that focus on a grouping of related types.

Kelau - a tropical cluster of islands and atolls like Alola, it has a pokedex made of endemic and oceangoing pokemon. No official gym system, just a system of training and tutelage with elders.

Hoenn - you all know this one ;)

Unincorporated territory - these are areas excluded from regions for various reasons; in general, humans are not allowed to settle there permanently due to a combination of factors including environmental danger, harsh climate, fragility of the ecosystem, rare or dangerous animals, and rare or dangerous pokemon. The ones visible on this map are due to the Arctic Treaty agreement; in general the areas nearest the poles have fragile ecosystems, are not fit for human habitation*, and have rare and uncontacted pokemon that react unpredictably to humans.

*On Earth/Terra obviously humans live in many harsh environments, but there are areas that simply can't support human settlements; furthermore, Gaia only has a small human population and the nice/temperate areas just aren't full yet. People wanting to live a traditional lifestyle in harsh areas can petition to have areas of the territory incorporated into a region, but in general this has already been done in the best/most survivable harsh areas, i.e. the northern coastal areas above.

Other unincorporated areas include high mountainous areas and isolated islands, as well as areas referred to by trainers as Deepwilds where powerful and dangerous pokemon can be found.
  1. Psycho Monkey
    Psycho Monkey
    I'm slightly disappointed that we won't get to explore all of those regions (Maybe in Vol3? >:D) but I do look forward to visiting the as yet unknown Nalea Region. :up:
    Jan 21, 2019
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