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Frozen Lakes~ Part 2

by Frosted Waters

Frosted Waters Amber's 6 Pokémon have gone missing! Frost and Kat set off on a journey to help Amber.
I looked at Kat. She gave me one of those glances that say: "She-is-such-a-drama-queen."
"Well, where did you put them?" I shouted up. After Amber told me her Pokémon were missing, I figured she meant she lost her Pokeballs or something.
"Genius! If I knew where I put them, I wouldn't be freaking out! The reason I'm shouting in distress is because I. DON'T. KNOW. WHERE THEY ARE!" she countered, storming down the stairs.
When Amber's red blotchy face met my confused glare, it wasn't pretty. Sometimes Amber can be scary, but I had never seen her THIS scary.
"Can I help you?" I asked innocently.
"No! You certainly cannot help me!" she held up her perfectly manicured hand, like she was going to hit me, but then pointed at me. "But you can tell me where you hid my Pokeballs, you little... girl!"
I may have laughed a teensy bit at her fail of an insult. My sister is the worst at insults. One time, we had an insult off, and here's how it went.
Me: "You're so full of fat, that even a griller wouldn't cook you!"
Amber: "Well, you look a little too waffle-ly to be hanging around the grill!"

So no, Amber's not exactly an insult person. I gave her a long stare and said,
"I didn't take your Pokeballs. If I did, I probably would have told you, because you know how bad I am at taking things." apparently that comment really ticked her off, because she just kind of glared at me with her sea blue eyes.
"Whatever. I need to take a container of Nutella and a spoon, and take a rest in my room. Sorry I exploded at you, I just don't want anyone to find them." leaving it at that, she grabbed a huge can of Nutella from the pantry and walked really slowly up to her room, like she was sick or something.
"We've gotta find her Pokémon." Kat chimed in. I kind of forgot that she was still here. Oops.
"You actually think we should find them? What if we get in trouble? What if we lose them? What if..." I was starting to panic.
"We'll be fine. Your sister will be so grateful, and it'll be great training for our Pokémon. Everyone wins." she assured me. I admit, it did make me feel better. It would help me train Rexivus, and maybe add some new Pokémon to the team.
"Fine. I'm in. But I hope you know what you're doing." Kat laughed, and nodded as I doubted her. The thing was, I know nothing about Pokémon. At all. I think Kat does, though. So I guess for now we're safe.
"I suggest we start by heading to Nimbasa City. There's lots of people there, and Pokémon might be there too."
"Nimbasa City?" I stared at her. "You would figure if anyone had taken the Pokémon, they would head for someplace less... crowded."
"Yes," She added. "They would want you to think that. But in reality, they would have gone to a crazy place, to meet people that they could train the Pokémon with. It all makes sense."
I admit, she did have a point. "But-"
"Frost, I read all about this stuff. Lots of trainers start out in Nimbasa City."
"Shouldn't we try a cave? Get our Pokémon strong?" I pointed out.
"That actually... isn't a bad idea."
"Glad to hear it."
Kat punched her fist in the air. "Come on, Ivy, we're going to Wellspring Cave!"
"Hoorayyyy..." I celebrated sarcastically. I didn't know why, but I wasn't in a good mood.
With that, I grabbed Rexivus and followed Kat out the door, Amber not even knowing we were gone.
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