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Frozen Lakes- Part 1

by Frosted Waters

Frosted Waters Frost gets her first starter, a spunky Oshawatt named Rexivus. But her sister Amber's Pokémon have gone missing. Will Frost and her best friend Kat be able to track down the six Pokémon?
I knew that after I had gotten my starter Pokemon, I would have to work hard. I barely knew the first thing about Pokemon. Hah! As IF I knew how to train them. Well this stinks, I thought. I need to find someone who can help me with this stuff.
Luckily for me, my older sister, Amber, knew all about this stuff. She makes me feel so stupid.
I marched into the house after picking out a very energetic Oshawatt, and led him into Amber's room. It's really messy. She has food and clothes (which are super stylish) blanketing her beautiful dark wood floors. I keep my puke-colored rug free of mess.
"Amber, I just got my first Pokemon. Can you help me out with-" Amber cut me off for the first time.
"Not now, Frost. I'm busy. Go get Kat to help you." She didn't even look up from her computer. What a jerk! She's never done that before.
"But... don't you want to know what Pokémon I got?" I stuttered.
"Later." She decided, rolling her eyes, but keeping her glance fixed on the screen. What was wrong with my sister?
I walked out of her pigsty of a room, and sat down on my own bed.
Kat's my best friend. We do everything together. She had gotten a Snivy. Even though she fell in love with her starter, I wish I could have gotten an Eevee. I love those. They can evolve to fit almost anyone's interest. Now that's cool.
I picked up my phone to call Kat. I didn't know if she knew any more about Pokémon than I did, but it was worth a shot. My phone made the little buzzing sounds to tell me that it was calling Kat.
"Hello?" a familiar voice answered.
"Hey, Kat!" I responded, jumping off my bed. It was some weird habit. I have to stand up when I'm on the phone.
"Hi, Frost. What's up?"
"My sister."
"What about her?" from the sound of her voice, I could tell she was playing with Snivy. Her voice was a little shaky.
"She inturruped me, then told me she was too busy to see what Pokémon I got, and to help me train him!" I ranted. I had the right to rant.
"Well, she might've been super-busy. Give her a day."
It annoyed me somehow that Kat knew more about siblings even though she was an only child.
"Fine. Can you come over?"
"Yeah, I'll ask my mom if she can drive me." she hung up.

about ten minutes later, Kat showed up. She had her Snivy, which she had named Ivy (so creative.) on her back. I had my Oshawatt, Rexivus (which is the combination of Latin words "rex" and "rivus" which stand for king and river) waddling behind me. Kat looked fantastic as always. She had gotten the new line from our favorite store, Hope, and it looked great on her.
"I'm here! In case you didn't guess..." she announced, her and Ivy making jazz hands (or whatever Snivies have for hands).
"No, I had no idea." I said sarcastically. Rexivus put his paws on his hips sassily and I did the same. Maybe we could be a team.
"So, how's Rexiblah-blah?" she asked, not seeming to remember my Pokémon's name. I laughed at her.
"Rexivus is fine, but I have't trained him at all yet." I picked up Rexivus, and let Kat hold him.
"He absolutely ADORABLE!" she gushed. I had to admit, the little guy was pretty darn cute.
"Yeah. So is Ivy! I guess we got lucky." I smirked.
Rexivus put his hands on his hips again.
Suddenly, there was a scream from upstairs.
"Frost!" It was Amber.
"What do you want?" her tone sounded pretty distressed, so that's the only reason I answered.
"All my Pokémon are missing!"
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  1. Whimsical Totodile
    Whimsical Totodile
    CONTINUE IT. (Oh never mind there's a Part 2) :p
    Jun 15, 2014
  2. Frosted Waters
    Frosted Waters
    This is my first story, so don't judge if it's messed up. :3
    Tell me if I should continue the series :3
    Jun 13, 2014