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FNAF the story of roxie the fox: fnaf : part 1

by TheBakaBanana

TheBakaBanana this is the story of roxie
*Roxie was backstage being repaired some kids thought it would be funny to take her apart*
Roxie : "I-I'm fine" she said to the person repairing her
??? : "i just need to fix your ear and then you'll be fine ok"
Roxie : "Fine..."
*after she got repaired*
??? : "ok those kids got in trouble foe what they did ok"
Roxie : "o-ok" she said looking down
??? : "you stay back here ok"
Roxie : "why!?! I want to go out there and sing i want to tell story's with foxy why do i have to stay back here! I'm all repaired!!" Roxie said in anger
??? : "Just stay back here!!"
Roxie : "NO!" Roxie could not hold back her anger she all most bit the guy
end of part 1 part 2 coming soon...