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FNaF Musical: FNaF: Love is War

by SmolLimon

SmolLimon duet between the two Leonhart sisters
FAITH: Now there's nowhere else to go, in this heat of love. Ahhh!

AYA: Gray clouds, monochrome bustles. Sunlight cast shadows, dusk is changing its color.

FAITH: Ahh...The world is still blurred. Even so, will I still love you? I know this, though what should I do? How can I?...What can I?...What a fool...I am

AYA: Let's begin, this is war! Oh, to see you pleased with someone else! Earnest love, this is sin. I will show how I feel.

FAITH: The Megaphone I tried shouting in was broken. How hard I try to overreach myself, I would fail to get into your sight.

AYA: Ah, a clear sky slid by, but it doesn't suit at all. I couldn't get a hold of my feelings. How can I...What can I...Crying...no, I'm not. I love you.

FAITH: Fight it out, shoot right at the heart. I don't have a choice. Show off my skirt flap, I shall make you gaze upon me.

AYA: Get ready to intercept. War situation still a drawback. Love is blind...But a kiss from your lips will awake me.