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Floating Pokemon City

by John Macriss

photo (13).JPG
John Macriss This took me hours to do in class. I have included seven Pokemon into this picture, three of which will be hard to see, but there is, along with the four obvious ones, a Sceptile and Blaziken on the bottom right where the rope (yes, that is rope) is, and a Metagross with Steven at the top right on top of the building. Enjoy.
  1. FanceeLlama
    Wow! Loving the two-point perspective. The Diglett looks confused, as it should be. How the heck did he get up there?!
    Apr 2, 2014
  2. Whimsical Totodile
    Whimsical Totodile
    Woah that's AWESOME!!!! What class did you do it in? :p
    Apr 2, 2014