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Fire Eagle: Fire Eagle

by Fire Eagle

Fire Eagle part 1.
So last time we had figured out how I became Fire Eagle and this time it looks like I'm not alone. On the news it seems as if other people went through the same stuff I did because of the different locations and colors and then I got an idea. I decided that I would create a heroic team of of the people exposed to such power. We would be called the elemental eagles. I then had to find the one that had to listen to me first, nature eagle. Since I had the fire ability it was pretty obvious why he had to listen. Next we went to go get electric, He was a bit scared and almost got away, (he is extremely fast) but we eventually got to talk to him and he joined our group. Next was water, (if we were going to do this than we would need him) he attacked me at first but I powered through it and I explained why we were there. And we then felt something, STRONG, something POWERFUL, something we needed. We went to go check it out and it was another eagle he had the aura powers of a lucario and so he was just testing them out and when we got there and he got in a battle stance and I said, "Calm down man, we just want to tal-" he struck me and it stung like ten hornets stinging in the same place repeatedly. And so I struck back (HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER!) a duel of epic proportions was present and when the dust had settled me and aura eagle were both to tired to fight anymore and so we got to talk and explain why we were there and he said he would think about it and flew away. And so for now the team of elemental eagles had: Fire, Water, Nature, And Electric.
  1. Parz_Official
    nice story man
    Jun 25, 2015
  2. Fire Eagle
    Fire Eagle
    Any ideas for part 2?
    Jun 24, 2015