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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Fall Town in Danger!?

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel and Melanie finally made it to Fall Town, only to see trouble ahead, caused once again by Team Ice. What will happen now??
We made it to Fall Town, but it was a little chill than usual. Fall citizens critized to the major that the town was having a winter in the middle of Summer. "What happening" I said. "The town's freezing, and there has been helicopters flying around the town for the entire week" A citizen told me. "I'll better check it out" I said. I went running to Meteor Falls only to be trapped by a trap and sent to a helicopter. I woke up in what seem like a cave prison. I saw to my right in another prison jail, Gabriel, my left was Sasha, and to forward was Mark. "Guys what happened" I said. "We fell to the same trap, we went running for Meteor Falls and we got trapped as well" Mark said. "We'll get them" Sasha kept supporting the group. "Of course we will, we need a way of escaping" Gabriel pointed out. I then saw that in the same jail next to me as Melanie. "So ,you followed me" I said. "Yes and now we are all trapped" she said. "Who's she" All three ask. "She's Melanie, a trainer like us collecting badges, call her our new rival" I said. "Hello guys" she said. "Hello" they all said. We heard noises approaching us. "Who's there" I said. "I'm Team Ice Admin Amy, remember me, beaten by such brats" she said angry. "What's the plans" I asked. "We want to freeze the entire town and steal all the minerals so our rivals, Team Rock doesn't steal those minerals and make them useful, we'll make them useless" she said. "There better ways" I said. "Those minerals belong to the town" Mark said. "Well, well, think you can stop us, I don't think so" Amy said. "Go, Magmar, use Flame Charge" Mark said. Magmar burned down all the iron bars jails. Let's go" Mark said and we all followed him to a jeep and we got on. "Where are we headed?" Mark asked. "Let's go to Fall Town now" I said. "Sure thing" he said and we went off. We then made it to the town only to find ourselves in a deep cold and fog. "What happen" I said. The streets were cover in snow and even the streets had so much snow, walking was impossible. We then saw Amy. "I'll battle her" I said. "Go Cacnea" "Hmm, interesting child, "Go Golbat use Poison Fang". Cacnea attack using Pin Missile which did nothing and Golbat managed to poison Cacnea when a light pop up. "It's evolving" Gabriel said. "Yes, Cacturne ready" I said. Cacturn nodded, "RAZOR LEAF, Poison FANG". Cacturne and Golbat battled it out until Cacturne won the battle. "Fine, Team Ice, is time to go, we got what we needed left evacuate" Amy said and vans and helicopters all disappear. After hours, the town began getting heat with the help of fire types from Lava Town (Lavaridge Town). "Next stop the GYM" I said happy. "Yeah" they all agreed. We then headed to the gym to challenge it...