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by CyanHikariza

CyanHikariza my character, Violet, from the beta game ive been working on called VioletVoid, CrimsonComet, and CelestialCyan ^^ Her starter is the sleeping elephant on the lower right called Phyku (first stage), the water type. To her left in the pinkish lookin dress is Raiduri (first stage), the dragon/fairy type. Beside her is Muthos (first stage), the dark type. Above him is Peatwi (first stage), the grass/electric type. To the right near the top is Sprishoom (final stage), the fairy/poison type. And finally there is Viidoo (shiny first stage), the Normal/Ghost type.
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  1. CyanHikariza
    im still practicing drawing peatwi, it was so clear in my head x.x lol and thank you so much guys! oh and I forgot to put that Raiduris face is not messed up with the faded smudge on it, its actually a scar and she has a backstory for that ^^"
    May 22, 2014
  2. Magpie
    Oh my goodness I want a Peatwi! ;____;

    Nice art style, very clear and crisp lineart!
    May 22, 2014
  3. HeatherTheHater
    Sounds cool love to see more work!!!
    May 22, 2014