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Elsword: Eve as Pokémon B2W2 sprite

by CombuskenBrazil

CombuskenBrazil Same history: Kog, Level Up Games, Kill3r Combo, Grand Chase, I love these games, blah blah blah...
Well, the sprite was very hard. The unique thing that didn't are good for me are the hair. But It's good for me.
Well, now have fun.
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  1. Jhan Garc
    Jhan Garc
    I see...

    Add looks like the cocky kind.
    Mar 3, 2015
  2. CombuskenBrazil
    @Olivar My plan was do in the order of Launching. So the next is Chung, but he have so much details "e.e So, I will take a time..... So much time.

    You likes Add? My fav is Chung, and the second Eve e.e
    Mar 3, 2015
  3. Jhan Garc
    Jhan Garc
    Are you gonna do Add?
    Mar 3, 2015
  4. CombuskenBrazil
    (Winona sprite are perfect e.e duck)
    Mar 1, 2015