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Pokemon nuzlocke: Virtues & Sins: Ep.6 The Bet pt.1

by phoenixacezero

Virtue & Sins pt 5

<< I do not own the copyright to pokemon or nuzlocke. Those all belong to their receptive owners. I only own the ocs and thestoryline. >>

Last time on Pokemon: Virtue and Sins, things happened

1. Drago and his friends come across girl who got her pokemon stolen Plasma and Queen pidove.

2. King, Go, Jack, and Gypsy evolved.

3. Drago caught a woobat at wellspring cave.

4. Drago and Cheren combined their efforts and defeat Team Plasma. Now Drago returns to his journey to find Hilda and become the champion.

[Drago's Pov Location: Nacrene City, Pokemon center .]

Nacrene City. A city established in restored storehouses built 100 years ago, this city is known as the place where all trends begin. The Café Warehouse is perfect for artist relax and exchange ideas. To the west of it is the Pinwheel Forest, where people can find not only pokemon, but ton of inspiration as well. This place is home also home to the Nacrene Museum, where they house ton of fossil and artwork excavated from the earth. It also serves as the Nacrene city gym. The gym, according to Shauntal, serves to test both a trainer knowledge and their skill against normal types. Most of the trainer would normally go out and capturing a fighting type pokemon and use in the gym to make the
battle easier, but due to the strange anomaly going around Unova, catching one is like playing poker. It takes ton of luck, confidence, and skills to catch one, but for some...


Random Trainer: *holding a poke ball containing timburr.* thanks for the pokemon, loser. *leaves.*

Some like to sneak a card up their sleeves.

Drago:… F**K MY LIFE!

<Flashback ends>

Drago: *Sigh. pick up a newspaper.* Corpse discover near Dreamyard, Mewtwo marries Mew, Eric is found dead..... WHAT?! Owner of Heaven Feast Eric was eating when suddenly he fell backward and collapse on the floor. Two officer led Eric to the infirmary, but by the time they go there he had died. Further medical autopsy and further investigation reveal that he was poisoned with qwilfish's venom found in his mashed potatoes. The lunch staff have been quarantined for questioning.

Drago'd thought: talk about irony, still murder…

Shauntal: Drago. Is everything okay Drago?

Drago: Do you remember Eric?

Shauntal: yes.What about him?

Drago: he was poisoned.

Shauntal: *surprised* Really? Talk about irony. I wonder how they will react to this.

Drago: hard to say. He did betray the gym leaders' trust, but he was still their apprentice.… Can I ask you something?

Shauntal: sure.

Drago: How did you feel after the break-up?

Shauntal: … *sigh* after Me and my Ex broke up, I became depressed. It got even worst when the media got wind of it. If it wasn't for the other elites, who knows what I might have done.… so what about you. Do you have a girlfriend?

Drago: No, but I did have crush on a girl in my class.

Shauntal: *chuckle* really?

Drago: yeah, but I got over it when I found out how shallow she was. I think she joined the class because most of the Celedon elites took the class.

Shauntal: So did you join the class for the same reason.

Drago: no. I joined-

???: excuse me.

Drago: huh?

I turn around and see nurse joy with tray holding 5 poke balls.

Nurse Joy: excuse me, but I need to inform you about one of your pokemon.

Drago: which one?

Nurse joy: Well, Your Dewott seem to be flirting with some of the staff members and it causing a distraction. Can you tell it to stop? *give me Gypsy's poke ball*

Drago: sure.

Tv newscaster: now a word from the team plasma group of Nacrene City * the screen change to bunch team plasma goons. None of them catches my eye except for one in front. Lanky guy with purple hair that looked like something suitable for a bird pokemon, green eyes. Beside was blue haired grunt.*

Purple-haired grunt: people inside Nacrene City, lend me your ears.

Drago's thought: why do I have a strange feeling about this guy?

Purple-haired grunt: I am Nigarvi, the representative of the team plasma branch in Nacrene city. I came here today to clear up some things regarding Plasma. As you know some of our members have been committing certain acts. I like to state clear that team plasma don't condone such act of an extremism and the member who committed the acts. Our goal is still true and that is to liberate all pokemon.

Gossiping woman 1: Are these guys telling the truth. I mean I heard from a friend of mine that some of their member stole a pokemon from a kid.

Gossiping woman 2: Really? It was probably only a few bad eggs. Beside I find it hard to believe that the same people who saved some women from servitude of being sex slaves.

Drago's thought: So it team plasma who saved those women weeks ago.

Drago: *looking for Gypsy.*

Drago's thought: where is that crazy skirt chaser go.

Drago: *see Gypsy flirting with audino.* Gypsy.

Gypsy: *look at drago with a laid-back look.* Yo. What's up?

Drago: I need to call you back. *return Gypsy to her .* Well best get to the gym. *grabs the rest of his team.* Victoria, Crystal, let get moving

Shauntal: okay.

Crystal: You go ahead, I'll stay here and do some research.

Drago: okay

When we walked outside the center, our eyes were greeted by the light of the evening sun and the conversation of the starly. It time like these that one admire the scenery.

Shauntal: *look at Drago.* It impressive how beautiful nature is.

Drago: yeah.… have you ever wonder life would be like if there wasn't any natural environment at all. Just a world full of building and machinery.

Shauntal: It would be place devoid of natural life. A place where only the echoing cries of the grinding gears of machines would be only heard and the smog would suffocate the air.

Drago: The only birth would be that of robots manufactured from factories, but their lives would short lived, because all that smog will create the end of their world.


Drago: Bless you.

Shauntal: Huh?

Drago: you sneezed didn't you.

Shauntal: no.

Drago: then where *I see the bush behind Shauntal.* Who there?

A figure slowly emerge out of the bush and reveal to be a pidove.

Female pidove: well salutation Sir Drago.

Drago's thought: wait that voice.

Drago: Your that Queen chick. So why were hiding in that bush.

Queen: Ever since that incident, I've been curious about you, so I decided to follow.

Drago: so basically your stalking me.

Queen: I wasn't stalking. I was merely observing you.

Drago: Rrrriiiiggghhht. So do you want to come along with us?

Queen: tempting, but I have a better idea.

Drago: *skeptical* I'm listening.

Queen: A little wager. Prove to me your worthy of my strength. Beat the gym leader without and I will join you on your journey. Lose and you give me half your poké. Deal *extend one of her wings.*

Drago: deal. *I grab her wing and shook it.* now let head to the gym.

We made our way to the gym to where the gym was located at. When we got there I saw N walking out of the gym.

Drago: N.

N: Hey Drago. *notices the other.* so who these three with you?

Drago: allow me to introduce *point a them in order* Victoria and Queen.

Shauntal: hello.

Queen: Good evening

N: Nice to meet you.

Drago: So how it going on your journey.

N: so far, me and my friends earned 1 gym badge. We came here in hope to challenge, but the gym closed till morning.

Drago: Well that sucks. I came here all the way to challenge the gym leader.

Queen: Then why not battle each other.

Drago: sound good to me. How about it N?

N: …sure. My friends could use a warmup. Lets make it a 3-on-3 battle.

Drago: Deal.

Shauntal: alright. I'll referee.

Queen: fair enough. let take this battle to the park.

[[location: Park]]

Shauntal: The battle between Drago and N is about to begin. This will be a 3-on-3 battle. The one to KO the other opponent's team wins. Let the battle begin.

Drago: Kingpin standby. *I tossed out Kingpin's poké ball.*

N: Aid me my friend *toss out a poké ball*

A beam came out from both of the poké ball.

Kingpin: *materialize.* bring it on lad.

???: *pidove materialize.* showtime

N: Peter use Gust

Peter pidove: *stir up a small gust wind at Kingpin.*

Kingpin: *stood ground.*

Drago: Kingpin use flame charge.

Kingpin: *gather up his strength and use flame charge and hit Peter.*

Drago: Kingpin, used flame charge again.

Kingpin: *used flame charge on Peter pidove.*

Peter Pidove: *faints*

Shauntal: Peter is unable to battle

N: *recall Peter.* rest easy my friend. *he grabs another poké ball and toss it.* go Winston Tympole

Winston: *materialize from his poké ball.*

Drago: Kingpin return. *I recalls kingpin and toss Jack's poké ball.* Jack standby.

Jack: *materialize from his poké ball.*

Drago: Jack use Leaf Tornado.

Jack: here looking at you kid. *fire leaf tornado at Winston. The tornado spins the Tympole around. The tornado fades, Winston falls to the ground.*

N: *rushes over and catch him* Winston!

Winston: *Fainted*

Shauntal: Winston is unable to battle.

N: *sigh in relief and recall Winston back into his poké ball.* nice work my friend. Alright Ricky go. * toss out a poké ball.*

A timbbur materialize from the poké ball

Drago: * I recall Jack back.* go Bishop. *I toss my third poké ball. A Woobat materialize from the poké ball.*
Bishop woobat: alrightet do this.
Drago: Bishop, use confusion.
Bishop: *use confusion on Ricky.
N: Ricky use Bide
Ricky: *start storing energy from it pain.*
Drago: cr*p. Bishop quickly finish it with Confusion.
Biahop: Don't have to tell twice. *start spamming confusion on Ricky.*
Drago: you can stop now Bishop.
Bishop: huh?
Ricky: *faints.*
N: *recall ricky.*
Shauntal: Ricky is unable to battle. Drago wins
N: my friends aren't strong enough to save all pokemon. Maybe I can't solve the equation
that will change the world. So I need power… enough power to make anyone agree with me.I know what power I need. Reshiram
Drago: reshiram… the pokemon that created Unova… listen man, I advise you, not to seek
that power it will only end in disaster. Find another way
N: … *walks away.*
Drago: I hope he find the answer to his equation.
Shauntal: yeah, yet his goal... I just wonder how far he will go to achieve them
Queen: In my opinion I think he just another one of those nutjobs. Does he really think he the chosen hero.
Drago: I'm tempted not bring you along.
Queen: Hey I just speaking my opinion.
Drago: Considering the weird sh*t that happens in this world, I wouldn't be surprise.
Queen: Overall I'm impress. You did well in that battle.
Drago: So that mean your to join our team?
Queen: I said I would join you if you beat the gym leader. Now if you excuse me, I need to get stronger.


???: Everyone gather around.
???: What
???: I have a brilliant plan. We're going to steal the dragon skull
???: What
???: I believe that it connected to what we need.
???: Great Idea leader, but how are we supposed to do that without raising suspicion.
???: Don't worry, I got it covered.

{{To be continued.}}