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Pokemon Nuzlocke: Phantom Destiny: Ep.6: Roses

by phoenixacezero

phoenixacezero Just like a rose, a heart can be beautiful, fragile, and dangerous.
Phantom Destiny pt 6 Roses

{Rocko's Pov}

We did it. It was a long hard battle, but we beat Roark. Not only did we receive the coal badge, we also freed those who were enslaved and eased the souls that perished. When Roark and his crainidos regain consciousness, He couldn't remember a thing, so we had to fill him in and he was shocked. He said he going to pay back all that he had done wrong. We decided celebrate last night after our victory. Me, and Lance went to a horror movie called "Eye Candy". Chimmira came along as well due to Lance peer pressuring her to come along. It was pretty good. Usually I only see in anime, so it was a good change of pace to see a yandere in movie. The effect were great, a it too great. Chimmira would of afraid of candy, if Lance haven't calm her down. It also happened when i received a package for Lance's cape. He grabbed her and prevented her from barbecuing the mailman. I explained to the mailman why she try to attack him, and he laughed and told me that it was better than getting chased by a pack of houndour.

Rocko's thought: Loki and Celeste stayed behind. I wonder how they are.

I opened the door to the room they were staying in and stopped at a sight of something sweet. Celeste and Loki were sleeping on the couch, wrapped in a blue soft blanket. Celeste's head was leaning against the blade of Loki's right leg. Again it times like this that I wish had brought a camera. I decided to let them rest. 3 hours later. I felt pump as we head to our next gym.

Rocko: *fist pump vigorously into the air.* Alright guys let head to the next town.

Lance: *dashes off.* last to the next town is a rotten poke egg.

Chimmira : Your on! *race after lance**

Rocko: Hey wait up. *chases after Lance and Chimmira.*

Lance: You guys are so sl- *bump into something and fall back* ouch. sorry... *eyes widen in shock.*

Chimmira: *cathces up with him* I'm so what now?.... Lance are you okay? *notice* y-you

Standing there was Brutus.

Rocko: *reach up to them.* BRUTUS!

Brutus: Well, well, well, If it isn't Rocko. I see you manage to beat Roark.

Rocko: Yeah, he back to his sense and...

Brutus: It end here.

Rocko: What?

Brutus: You got lucky against Roark, but you won't be able to beat us. You will fall. *walks away.*'

Lance: Master. *grab him by the leg of his pants.*

Brutus: *punch Lance across the cheek.* DON'T TOUCH ME YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT! YOU COULDN'T LEARN BUBBLE! *shake his head* That the problem with pokemon. Still too frail. When I take over the universe, I will make pokemon into the perfect tool. *walks away.*

Lance: Master, master...MASTER! *Crying.*

Chimmira: *hug Lance*

I decide to rest at the pokemon center until Lance mange to pull himself together. Still something has been bothering me. Why didn't Brutus return to normal. I mean Lance was the only living pokemon. I decide to sleep on it when we get to the next town.

<Dream world>

???: Rocko... Rocko.

I look around and see that a giant white quadrupedal pokemon with a golden spiked on the both sides and red eyes.

Rocko: Arceus.

Arceus: Rocko. I sense something troubling you.

Rocko: Yes. It Brutus. Why isn't he back to normal? I purify Lance, so why isn't he back to normal.

Arceus: *closes his eyes.* It seem that the one behind this sensed the bond between you and Brutus and decided to make his possession different than the others. The only chance now is to defeat the puppet

Rocko: Okay. Still one question...

Arceus: Why I told you to capture Lance?

Rocko: How... Oh yeah, Alpha pokemon. So why?

Arceus: Lance will play an important role in your journey, as well as many other you will meet along the way.

<Waking world, jubelife city, Chimmira's POV>

I woke up in the room we were staying in and saw Lance starring at the daytime sky .

Chimmira's thought: I wonder if he calmed down.

Chimmira: *Walk up to Lance's side* How you holding up?

Lance: I'm fine. It just, I'm still finding it hard to believe that my trainer abandoned me.

Chimmira: His lost. Your obviously a strong pokémon.

Lance: thanks

Chimmira: … … can I ask you something?

Lance: sure.

Chimmira: Brutus said you couldn't use bubble. Is it true?

Lance: *let out a sad sigh* yes. For some strange reason I couldn't get learn bubble. I try and try and try, but I couldn't learn the move. Maybe he right. Maybe I am weak.

Chimmira: Your wrong. Just because you couldn't master one move, doesn't mean your weak. You won a tough battle, plus You can still learn ton of moves that are better than bubble. Also I doubt he even means it. Whatever possessed you is also controlling him. All we have to do is break the control and you two will be buddies again.

Lance: … you know, your right Chimmira. If I can get strong enough I'll be able to save my master.

Chimmira: Thats the spirit.

Lance: Plus I could get strong enough to convince you to go on a date.

Chimmira: keep dreaming.

Lance: but seriously, thanks you for cheering me up.

Chimmira: your welcome.

Rocko: *enter the room* hey lance are you feeling better?

Lance: I'm fine.

Rocko: We're heading to Floraroma town.

Chimmira: Then lets move out Rose-hair.

Rocko: don't call me that *smug* princess.

Chimmira: *angry* I dare you to say that again.

Rocko: …

Chimmira: …

Rocko: … *smug* princess.

Chimmira: YOU SON OF A BITCH *I start to Mach punching the shit out Rocko.*

Rocko's thought: worth it.

Lance's thought: aye aye aye. This going to be an interesting journey.

Rocko: alright return.

< normal pov On route 204 >

Female budew with a doll made of roots : *cowering as two punks closes in on her.*

Punk1: No where to run. Your coming with us with and your going to earn us a lot poké of

Punk2: *ready net.*

Female budew: {pokespeak} Someone… anyone… HELP!

Rocko: Hey Freakshows! *walk up to punks.* Leave that budew alone or else I'll kick your butt

Punk1: oh yeah you and what army? *sent out his stunky.*

Female Budew: *hide behind a tree.*
Rocko: Chimmira *send out Chimmira.* BEAT HIM UP!

Punk2: You forget about me you fucking brat. *sent out glameow.*

Rocko: *reaches for Lance's premier ball.*

???: turtwig, tackle stunky!

A turtwig tackles stunky. As stunky regain its composure, a familiar bluenett girl runs to Rocko's side.

Rocko: Dawn?! What are you doing here?

Dawn: Hey I'm a trainer as well remember. I also want to become a pokemon master. Now shall we sir Rocko.

Rocko: lets Lady Dawn.

* one beat down later.*


Punk2: *running away. His clothes shredded and his hair is gone.* We'll get you back for this.

Rocko: *walk over to the budew.* It okay now. They're gone.

Budew: *cautious* thanks. Why would you help me?

Rocko: your welcome. Considering Those guys were going to sell you on the market and I seen enough horror movies to know what happened to pokemon and girls that look good in cute outfits, We had to do something.

Dawn: Uhh what horror do you watch?

Rocko: Hardcore ones and that aren't about zombies. So budew, do you want to come along with us.

Budew: …… fine, but only it better to stay with young kid catchme than being with some pervert. Also the name Carrie.

Rocko: alright.

Rocko toss a poké ball at Carrie. The poké ball suck in Carrie and closes.

~shake~ ~shake~ ~ shake~ ~ping~

Rocko: *picks up the poké ball.* I CAUGHT A BUDEW!

Dawn: Congrats. Well I be seeing you. I'm heading to Oreburgh City

Rocko: Good luck and watch out for his craidos.

Dawn: Okay.

Our Rocko part with Dawn as he head to Floramra town. What pokemon will they catch and will it be enough for the next challenge ahead.