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Pokemon Nuzlocke: Phantom Destiny: ep.5 VS Roark

by phoenixacezero

phoenixacezero The first battle against Roark, the corrupted rock-type gym leader. Will Rocko triumph or will he and his team be buried alive.
<Rocko POV>

i Decided to look in the Ravaged Path find one more pokemon. After all, one of the most basic rule of a trainer is using differnet varieties of pokemon and to calmly adjust to different situations.

Rocko: There got to be something good here.

as I shifted eyes toward the left, There near the lake was a treasure chest. My mind started to wonder what was inside it. Jewels, gold, a legendary pokemon, or is it some sort of trap. but one question kept entering into my mind. What a treasure chest doing in a cave. sure treasure chest were usally found in cave, but that happened only in the movie. there also the fact that this cave no where near the ocean. I slowly approach the chest, and slowly open it as my hands shake with anticipation. I peek in inside and see a zubat. I decide to do the most generic thing and hold it up like in the Legend of Zelda. Rocko got Batter the zubat. yes I went there. I tap a poke ball on it head and it got sucked inside. As I put the poke ball away, Aqua appears in a puff of smoke holding a file.

Aqua: sir I have learned the gym leader Pokemons.
Rocko: *smiles*
Chimmira: Alright Aqua. So who punk we're going up against.
Aqua: the gym leader is a know as Roark. He specialize in rock pokemon. His strongest pokemon is crainidos *show a picture of a crainidos.* Also as of lately, *show pictures of Roark crushing a trainer with rock slide and some trainers working at a mine.* trainer have been reported buried alived or they are sent to the oregburgh mine, day and night.

A sick sensation form in the deep bowels of my stomach. All these trainers and their pokemon died from facing the gym leader. Why is this happening?

Chimmira: shouldn't the police be investigating this type of stuff.

Aqua: *tears form in her eyes and let out a sad sigh.* Unfortunately most of the deaths happened near the mountains. plus any detectives that were involved also met the same fate.
Rocko:... Were you owned by a detective.

Chimmira look at me with confusion and then at Aqua. Aqua pull out a picture from a file. In the photo is Aqua with a light skin man with red hair wearing raggedy clothes.

Aqua: My Trainer, Sam, was a detective. I was caught as a pet... a friend. He took me everywhere. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Unova, Kalos. One time in nimbasa city, he got me a cake with buttercream frosting from a local bakery. everything was perfect... then one day he was assigned to a case involving the mysterious disappearance of some trainer near that area. 3 days after we got there, Roark and a strange blue-haired man killed him near the tunnel where you found me at.
Chimmira: Then how did you survived?
Aqua: *start to cry* He knew that their pokemon were too much for me to handle, so he released me into a lake nearby. If only if I was stronger, I could of saved him.

I can understand what she going through. The feeling of helplessness. When I was 5, my mom's pet vulpix saved me from a pack of beedrill, but died from poisoning.

Rocko: We're going to win.

Aqua look up at me with surprise.

Aqua: What?
Rocko: I know it a long shot, but it better than just letting more pokemons and their trainers.
Chimmira: *put her hand on Aqua's shoulder.* Rose-hair right. If we work together, we can take down Roark and bring him to justice.
Aqua: .... Thank you.
Rocko: I'll head to the mine and see if I can get a rebellion going. Chimmira.

Chimmira: Yeah.
Rocko: Go meet up Celeste, Lance,and Loki go to Route 207 and train there.
Chimmira: Speaking of which, I wonder how Lance doing. *head toward Route 207.*

<Lance Pov>

I decided to try catch a pokemon on route 207. I poked my head out of the tall grass and checked to see if there were any good pokemon.

Loki: *yawn.* So tell me why we're here again dude.
Lance: Simple, my electrical friend.

Loki: *coldly stare at me.*
Celeste: *notices *
Lance: I need witnesses when i capture a pokemon, plus it not wise to go alone. That is like sending someone to die.
Loki's thought: Considering after what you done, you deserve to die.

I looked around and noticed a machop. She seem to be lost in thought.

Lance: Alright. Time to do this. *Toss a poke ball at the machop. The machop get sucked into
the poke ball.*

My heart raced as the ball start shake. 1....2....3. i heard a ping come from it.

Lance: I did it
Loki & Celeste: He did it?

I pickup the poke ball and held it in the air.

Lance: I CAUGHT A MACHOP! SUCK IT BOB! *The poke ball teleported.* What the?
Loki: Since the poke ball still registered in Rocko's name and-
Celeste: Guys.
Lance: huh... {surprised} *I look around and notice that there a bunch of angry pokemon and some miners.*
Lance, Celeste, & Loki: cr4p
Chimmira: What the f**k?!

<Rocko's Pov at orgeburgh mine>

The air felt ominous as i stepped inside the cave, yet so familiar. as I look around and see the room filled with people mining ores.

Rocko: Everybody listen. My name is Rocko Blitzshell. I came here to rally up some allies to help me brin..
???: Don't bother kid.
Rocko: Huh? * I look down and see a geodude. *
Geodude: These guys are like mindless machines. Void of any emotions.

I was shocked at what he said. How is that even possible?

Rocko: What happened to them?
Geodude: simple, they lost to a gym battle and were stripped of all emotions. Sometimes they turn them into ruthless killers and give them strange pokemons. Even wild pokemons are becoming more violent because of it.

That sentence perked my interest. I look backed and recall how Brutus acted and the starly he used. I wonder if that man has anything to do with this?

Rocko: Was there a man use a black bracelet that did this?
Geodude: You mean Roark.

I was surprised by what he had said. Roark the gym leader had a bracelet as well. Is that why he doing all of this.

Rocko: Where did he get from?
Geodude: Well one day, Roark was mining with Craindos when this blue man came up and
challenge him to a battle. Roark agree to the challenge. The battle was one-sided and Roark lost with most of his pokemon killed except for his craindos. He then used some black mist emanating from the black bracelet he was wearing and transformed both of their personalities.

So my guess was right. The same thing that happened to Brutus, also happened to the gym leader and all have to do with that mysterious man that i met at Lake Verity. After everything that happened I'm positive about one thing. He the one that betrayed Arceus.

geodude: Your not thinking about challenging him are you kid.
Rocko: yes.
Geodude: so you are a trainer then. I can tell you have great potential. I'll join you on your journey.
Rocko: Sweet. So what your name?
geodude: You may call me The Guy.
Rocko: okay. How can you talk.
The Guy: Some aliens experimented on me.
Rocko: Right.

I pull out a pokeball tap it on The Guy's head and capture him.

<Normal Pov>

A chaos machop is thrown back by the force of Celeste's wing attack. It struggle to get back up and transform back into a puddle of black blood. Celeste start to glow.

Celeste: About time I get some new material. *Celeste has now become a staravia.* Alright. So guys, how do I look?
Chimmira: Woha Celeste, you look. Great.
Loki: I'll say... F8ck *Block a chaos Bidoof's punch and use his tail to make it lose balance and kick it into a sign post. He start to evolve. as the light clear, standing there is a luxio.* Wicked man.

Lance grabs bidoof and throw toward Chimmira. Chimmira uses ember to disintegrate it into ashes. A miner sneak up behind her and try to hit her with a pickax. Chimmira notices and blocks it. She begin to evolve into something stronger. while evolving , she throws a mach punch at the miner's face. as the glow fade she has become a Monferno.

Chimmira: Now this what I'm talking about.

A miner try to sneak up behind her, but get hit on the head by a metal claw and collapse to the ground. Standing near it is a prinplup.

Chimmira: Lance.
Lance: Impress senorita.
Chimmira: Tch. I wished your attitude evolved.

Rocko come to the route and stop in amazement and disgust at the scene before him. A field full of black blood.

Rocko: F*ck. look like there was a slasher flick filmed here.
Celeste: There was and they forgot to grabs their props.
Rocko: Listen. Let head to the gym.
Everyone: *Fist pump.* YEAH!

[Meanwhile inside the gym. ]
Two trainers guard the entrance of the gym with there geodude.

Rocko: Lance, Metal claw.

Lance charges at The chaos geodude and slices into pieces with metal claws. the geodude becomes a puddle. The ground start shake and a onyx with a geodude riding it head and charges at Lance. Chimmira blocks the onyx with and use launches two mach punch to topple it over crushing the geodude. both the trainers faints as the the giant rock monster revert back into a puddle of primordial ooze. Rocko and his team enter the gym and see

Roark: {Demonic} Another trainer. Your here to battle us.
Rocko: No, I'm here to stop you and free everyone. *gear of life start to vibrate*
Roark: Do you even know the true path to victory.
Rocko: huh?
Roark: *walk toward Rocko.* Very well let us enlighten you. For ever since the first few lifeforms came into crawled, gaining territories was all one of our basic instinct. Those that control territories can control the fate of everyone who live under their rule. We have control over most of Sinnho and what do you have? There no way of defeating us. Just submit already and we shall spare you from an agonizing death. *extends his hand toward Rocko.*
Rocko: .... Your right. Territories is an important benefactor.
Roark: *smiles*
Rocko: But, just because one have the less territories than someone, doesn't mean that they still can't win. I'll will defeat you.
Roark: *enraged.* Terrible mistake. Geodude destroy this nuisance. *A geodude with soulless eyes appear and charges toward Rocko and his team.*

Rocko: Lance, deflect the attack geodude with metal claw.

Lance jump into the air. The geodude slug Lance across the his face. Lance retaliates and slash the foe with a metal claw.

Rocko: Now, Finish it with one more metal claw .
Lance: *spins and cut the geodude to pieces like a fruit in a blender. He cover in black ooze *
Roark: WORTHLESS. GO ONYX.... onyx? *turn around and see scratched up Chimmira standing in a black puddle of an onyx*
Chimmira: You know, it funny. An onyx is more my size but it take a couple mach punches to take it down.
Lance: way to g- *Get interrupted by a crainidos headbutting him, Lance strike back with metal claw.* So that how it going to be amigo.

Both sides start to engage in a battle of will and strength. Lances suffering damage from even just reflecting the headbutt and to make matter worst crainidos is quickly recovering.

Rocko's thought: this is bad. Everytime we lower it health, it recovers. How do we stop it and I'm out of potions. Chimmira weak from the last battle, and Loki and Celeste aren't strong against rock types.

C crainidos: *head glows.*
Rocko: huh... Lance use metal claws on it head.
Lance: on it. *does a serpentine and strike Roark's Craindos on the head.*
C Craindos: *a black mist emits from it head as it wails in pain.*
Lance: *jumps into the air and lunges down toward his prey and slashes across the face.*
C Crainidos: *fall backward and faints.*

My bracelet started to glow and shot a golden beam directly at Roark.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *a black mist comes out of him and vanishes. Roark faints and the battle ends with Rocko as the victor.*