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Pokemon Nuzlocke: Phantom Destiny: ep.4- Celeste's Past

by phoenixacezero

phoenixacezero Celeste- the class clown and top flying type pokemon of the team. but what was she like in the past.
I do not own pokemon or the nuzlocke challenge. They all belong to their cool respective owner. Chopping mall belong to someone too.
Rocko belong to me

poke talk ()

Rocko's pov

So not having a good day. I lost a chance at catching an abra and a wurmple. Bob just had to crit the wurmple and The abra just had to get away. ugh. this is almost worst than Chopping Mall. I really wanted kadabra. I stop at the entrance to orgeburgh gates. At least I can try to capture a decent rock type. I enter the cave and start looking for a pokemon.

Rocko: come on. Daddy need a poke-
A paper shuriken is thrown at my feet.
Rocko: what the?
I look in the direction of where the shuriken was thrown and see a female Pysduck.

Pysduck: (I wish to challenge you.)

How come I can't understand this Pysduck. Is there something wrong with the gear of life.

Rocko: *pull out Celeste Poke ball and summon her.*
Celeste: Yo what sup?
Rocko: Can you translate What this Psyduck saying?
Celeste: very well.
Pysduck: (Are you going to challenge me or not.)
Celeste: She said that that she want to challenge us
Pysduck: (okay.)
Celeste: She agree to the term.

This is the best day ever. I'm getting a ninja psyduck. If i train it hard enough i'll get a ninja Golduck.

Rocko: Celeste Use Quick attack.
Celeste: *Gain speed as she charges toward the psyduck at high speed. *
Psyduck : *Throw a bunch of papper shuriken Celeste, but it fails.*
Celeste: *hit clothesline the psyduck and send her flying.*
Psyduck: *pull out a white flag.*

I threw the poke ball at the psyduck and watch as it get sucked in as it shook 3 time follow by a ping. i picked up the poke ball and summon it.

Psyduck: You are worthy. To be honest, I'm not much of a fighter. I am good a gathering intelligence though.
Rocko: can you spy on the gym in each town.
Psyduck: yes. I also have info on the first gym... now if i can only remember where i put it.
Rocko: Cool. the name Rocko.
Psyduck: I am called Aqua.
Rocko: Alright guys let grind.

Everyone Cheered. As we head out of the cave I picked up Celeste.

Rocko: We need to talk Celeste.
Celeste: About what?
Rocko: Did we meet before?
Celeste: *laugh* You still don't remember do you.
Rocko: Remember what?
Celeste: 4 year ago you helped me.


Youngster with the name tag Joey: YOUR PATHETIC. *Kick Celeste* YOUR THE REASON I LOST!
Celeste: *cowering* (please stop.)
A pink hair boy: Look. A shiny rattata is heading toward the lake.
Joey ran to the Lake Verity. Celeste stand still shivering as she stare at the pink haired youth. She slowly back away.
pink hair youth: Quicky hide in that tree. *point at a tree.*
Celeste dive into a tree. Joey come back with an angry look.
A pink haired youth: Sorry, my mistake. It actually went to route 211 and i heard the best way to catch it is to use a poke ball that was used to catch a starly.
Joey: I HAVE ONE OF THOSE. *Press the button on the poke ball releasing a blue beam. it hit Celeste freeing her from her cruel trainer.* SEE YA. *Start running faster than sonic the hedgehog toward Route 211.*
Pink hair youth: *Walk toward the tree where Celeste and crouch down.* Your free now.
Celeste: *come out her hiding place clenching her stomach.* (How do i know your going to hurt me)
Pink hair youth: Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you. *pull out a potion* this might sting.

The young boy sprayed the potion on Celeste's stomach. he then pull out a bandage and wrapped it around the wound.
pink hair youth: There. All better. well see ya soon. *walks away*
Celeste: *crying* (thank you)

Flashback ends

Rocko: Now i remember. Your that starly from 4 years ago.
Celeste: yes.
Rocko: Why did that trainer beat you up.
Celeste: That trainer just caught me to take the all his anger out on me whenever his Rattata lost. That the only reason. He did for 5 days. If you haven't save me, who know how long i would of have survive.
Rocko: Hey, Pokemon are to meant to be friends, not as punching bag. I couldn't let that guy do that to you.
Celeste: Thanks.
Loki: *hiding behind a big rock*
Loki's thought: I promise Celeste. I won't let anybody hurt you again.

Loki POV

I exited the cave and join the others as they gather around Lance and Bob.

Lance: I'm telling you guys, if a human can be a trainer, why can't a pokemon do it.
Bob: If you do that, I'll do the hula in a tutu.
Loki: *Confused* What are you two talking about?
Bob: This idiot think he can catch a pokemon.

I heard about tales of a raticate being a trainer for a lapras and a butterfree capturing a meowth, but i always thought those were myths. Is that even possible?
Celeste: What are you to babbling about?
Loki: They were arguing about the possibility of a pokemon capturing another pokemon.
Celeste: really? I was guessing that they were talking about ways on how to get laid.

Me and Everyone burst into laughter as bright red blush appear across Lance's and Bob's faces. This is why I like Celeste. She so funny. not only that, she strong, kind, cute... Did I just thought that Celeste was cute. I mean she not bad looking on the eyes.

Celeste: Hey Loki are you okay?

I snapped out of my deep thought and realize that i was blushing.

Loki: Yeah. i'm okay. Just thought of something embarrassing.
Rocko: What is it?
Loki: Remember how i reacted back at the pokemon school. Well that because they dressed me in a lame baby outfit or they blame me for eating their homework because I was wild.
Bob: Loser. *laugh at Loki*
Celeste: *Wing Attack Bob into puddle of mud.* Pick on someone your own IQ.
Loki: Thank Celeste. *tiny blush.*
Lance's thought: Ah, young love.
Lance: So, can I go try catch a pokemon.
Rocko: Hmmm... okay.

I watch as Rocko reaches into his backpack and pull out a poke ball and gave it to Lance. Something tell that thing are going to be interesting on our journey and with Celeste, It going to be full of laughs.