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Pokemon nuzlocke: Virtues & Sins: ep.1- Meeting the team

by phoenixacezero

phoenixacezero Prologue
Nuzlocke white
Virtue & Sins
I do not own the copyright to pokemon or the nuzlocke challenge. Pokemon belong to gamefreak and nuzlocke belong to nuzlocke.

Narrator: The Unova Region. This region is home to a vast varieties of pokemon. It is also rich with culture as well. From it calming music, to it heart-pounding sports, to it scenic landscape and it bountiful history. yes, the Unova region has it all.

Grey haired man wearing glasses, a black long sleeved shirt and white vest: *angry and slams his hands on the table* WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE NO CASINOS!

Narrator: Well alomost everything. Meet Drago Viso Fortuna. Age: 25. Hometown- Celedon City

Across the table where Drago is sitting at is a light brown hair women with green eyes, wearing baby blue lab coat, white shirt and medium length skirt, Professor Juniper.

Juniper: There hasn't been any since the U0-1M incident. You know what that is right?
Drago: I've heard of it. During the pokewar, exotic pokemon were smuggled in to the country and were sold as prizes in casino. Since then, Unova banned to casinos.
Juniper: I see you know your history. Now then You shall be working with me on my research on pokemon during your rehab. I already made arrangements for you to stay with a friend of mine. You will also be working with two other trainer. Since you aced the advance Pokemon Trainer test, You can choose to 1-3 starter pokemon.
Drago: … I'll take three.
Juniper: *Nods* Very well . *pull out three poke balls.* I must warn you, these pokemon are somewhat "unique". *toss the poke ball, releasing an Oshawott with a crystal ball and a pearl in the middle of her scallchop, a snivy with a black trench coat, and a tepig with a balmoral cap. the Oshawott jump into Juniper's boobs and nuzzle them.*
Female Oshawott: It been a while since I felt these.
Juniper: Now calm down. Today all three of you are going on a journey with a trainer.
Oshawott: Please let it be a female super model with huge tits and female pokemon with big butts, please let it be a super model with huge tits and female pokemons with big butts.
Drago: *chuckle.* sorry kid, just a guy with a set of earphones that allow him to understand pokemons.
The Oshawott turned around and looked at me. A look of disappointment appeared on her face. I'm guessing she was hoping for a female trainer.
Oshawott: Well, begger can't be choosers. Gypsy the name and fortune telling my game.
Male snivy: The name Jack. It nice to meet a man of your stature.
Usually when someone say with a sentence like that that, they want something.
Jack: *open his jacket revealing a bunch of stuff.* May I interest you in a nice rolex or some master ball. Only for 500 Pokes
Drago: Where did you get those from?
Jack: I have my sources.
tepig: The name Kingpin me lad.
Drago: Cool. The name Drago Viso Fortuna.
Gypsy, Jack, & Kingpin: Nice to meet you.
Juniper: Now then, there one more thing you need to know. There has been a strange program as of lately that causing poke balls to malfunction, thus making it hard to build a proper team. We're investigating into the matter but so far we have no clue of the source. Please be careful.
Drago: Understood.