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Enyali Hundun VS Her Lusus

by StellarWind Elsydeon

StellarWind Elsydeon Your name is ENYALI HUNDUN and you suppose you could take some time from your RIGOROUS TRAINING SCHEDULE to tell us a bit about yourself.

See, You’ve been training pretty much since you’ve emerged from your cocoon in the secret ways of an ancient Alternian MARTIAL ART, specifically in the NORTHERN HOWLING MANTIS style - which is understandable as your LUSUS is, well, a NORTHERN HOWLING MANTIS. You SPAR with your lusus daily. This is a lot more CHALLENGING than it sounds, as unlike the small insects called Mantids on EARTH, wherever that may be, the NORTHERN HOWLING MANTIS is a rather large, imposing creature combining traits of a MANTIS and a WEREWOLF and it’s even more trained in its own style than you are. When you aren’t TRYING TO KILL EACH OTHER you tend to go on long MOONLIT FLIGHTS together. You suppose it’s sort of a PARENT-CHILD-STUDENT-MENTOR BONDING EXPERIENCE… Thing. You certainly enjoy it a great deal.

Your HIVE, then, resides in the FURTHEST NORTHERN REACHES of Alternia, surrounded by a LUNAR-LIKE WASTELAND (though which of the two moons it resembles more is beyond your current knowledge). Though your blood color is rather HIGH on the HEMOSPECTRUM (if it was any richer purple, you would have probably sported a pair of rather inconvenient fins - sparring underwater would be a real pain in the bone nook), you put little stock in the WHIMSICAL BELIEFS of your caste (you have been too busy training to be CLOWNVERTED by the GOSPEL OF THE MIRTHFUL MESSIAHS) nor do you live particularly close to any major BODY OF WATER - unless you count the occasional FREEZING COLD WATERFALL which you are prone to occasionally sit under in MEDITATION.

Some cliches transcend space, time and universes. This is one of them.

When you aren’t engaged in TRAINING or MEDITATION you have a passion for all things PHYSICS. You are deeply intrigued with the LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE and the NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS - it seems to fit your disciplined nature. Interestingly, you are quite comfortable with the SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS, as it too represents a certain constant, and shows that through usage of energy order may be created. Your HIVE contains a large amount of rather complex textbooks. Sometimes, you pile them up into a MIGHTY PILLAR and practice your GOLDEN CLUCKBEAST STANCE from its peak. Old habits die hard.

As you are constantly either TRAINING or THEORIZING, you rarely find yourself engaging in conversations - which leads most people to think of you as somewhat of a recluse. The truth is, you really aren’t much for SMALL TALK and you find it rather difficult to find common threads of conversation with many other trolls. This partially has to do with your apathy (or, on occasion, utter disdain) towards some basic aspects of TROLL SOCIETY - blood color means little to you, and you despise the very concept of the QUADRANTS, seeing it as NEEDLESSLY OVERCOMPLEX. In fact, you are pretty much certain that eventually, you are going to KICK THE BUCKET and do so loudly and proudly while giving the IMPERIAL DRONE the fight of its carapaced life. Before it manages to kill you, that is. You wonder how long can you last in such a fight. You will probably never get to find out.

Your trolltag is lunarWindrunner, and you are rarely online, making your manner of speaking rather elusive for the time being.
  1. The Voltagonist
    The Voltagonist
    ♫ I've walked many miles, and lived through these trials, just to get to Colossus sixteen.
    I've followed the signs, in dying times...
    Arin will you please touch my shwiing? ♫

    -- The Game Grumps (Danny & Arin)
    Aug 28, 2014
  2. Shiny Pyxis
    Shiny Pyxis

    But seriously the lusus is gorgeous, especially the wing and I love how it's a werewolf mantis thing <3333 can I pet it :'D
    Feb 21, 2014