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Pokemon Trainer Stories: Emerald's Story

by Noyeh Kaguya

Noyeh Kaguya
Emerald is a challenger in the Battle Frontier. He is an excellent battler and has proved it several times by defeating several Frontier Brains. He is also considered to be exceptional at catching Pokémon, and for that Crystal has hired him to catch the legendary Jirachi.

Arrogant and impatient, despite his great interest and expert knowledge in Pokémon battling, he claims to not like Pokémon very much, claiming that his belief is that Pokémon cannot win in a battle by using the trainer's faith in them over strategy. However, this belief shifts when he acquires Sceptile, Sudowoodo and Dusclops from the Battle Frontier, coming to accept them more as friends rather than tools. He appears to be extremely short, and he is actually shorter than he looks. Under his long sleeved clothes he has high platform shoes, and he always holds a pair of external mechanical hands which he holds with his real hands. However, these are mostly tactical places to keep most of his capturing equipment; for example, his platform shoes include several rows with different kinds of Pokéballs. He also has a rare ability to calm Pokémon by making them remember their birthplace.

Emerald starts by spotting the Pokémon, and just by that he knows where it comes from. He then proceeds to pull out a small piece of ammo consisted by soil from the Pokémon's birthplace, and loads it into a special gun he carries. By shooting the ground the Pokémon is standing on, the feeling can calm the Pokémon in a matter of seconds. When the Battle Frontier was attacked by rampaged Pokémon from the Battle Factory that Guile hideout set lose, Noland allowed Emerald to have a rampaged Snorlax, Mantine and Mr. Mime to help him out. These are the other three Pokémon in Emerald's main team. He is also good friends with the legendary Pokémon, Latios and Latias, who have affectionately given him the nickname "Rald".​