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Pokemon Daria's Adventures: Emberbrown Town is Raided

by JC111414

JC111414 As Daria travels to Emberbrown Town, she discovers a few interesting things and random things happening.
I was walking to Emberbrown Town, and that's when I smell a cold breeze air. I quickly ran to it only to see the entire small peaceful town being frozen by some goons. "Hey stop" I yelled. "We, are the Yabell Raiders, we don't stop, we will control Yabell for real this time" They said as they ran off. The Town's ice melt with the heat of the sun and Mt. Emberbrown, and active volcano close to Emberbrown Town. I went around the town and noticed there was gym with a sign that said, Gym Leader off Training in Mt. Emberbrown.
"I guess, I'm going there" I said and headed over there. When I got to the top, I saw Kenta and Hugh helping a person up. "Are you guys ok" I asked. "Yeah, but look" Kenta said and I looked, I saw Team Ice again. "You guys are back" I said. "Of course, we won't give up" A admin said. "I'm Bruce's right hand man, the name's White, and I'm going to take Yabell for Bruce, Go Corphish use Aqua Jet" He said. "Quick, Treecko use Vine Whip. Corphish managed to dodge. "Elekid, use Thunder Punch" Hugh said. Corphish was taken down. "Go Weavile, use Icy Shard" White said takind down Elekid and Treecko in one hit. "Go Quilava use Flame Wheel" Kenta said and he managed to take down Weavile. "We will come back" White said running away. "Hello what are your names" The person next to us asked. "I'm Daria, this are my best friends, Kenta and Hugh" I said. "Hello" Both of them said. "I'm Fid, is nice to finally meet you" He said. "We are looking for the gym leader, have you seen it" Kenta asked. "I think I saw him head to the Town. "Ok" We said leaving. Once there we saw Fid again. "What are you doing here" We asked. "I'm not easy to take down" He said. "Your the gym leader" We all screamed out. "Yep"
Kenta went first using only Quilava and Beedrill
Then Hugh went second using Piplup, which evolved into Prinplup in battle and Elekid, then it was my turn. "Go Aron use Magnitude" I said. "Magmar dodge and use Fire Blast" Fid said. Magmar was to strong until Aron evolve. "Nice, Lairon" I said
The Iron Head Pokémon
For food, it digs up iron ore. It smashes its steely body against others to fight over territory.

"Lairon use Dig" I said. Lairon didn't obeyed and used Magnitude to destroyed Magmar. "Return" I said. "Here's your badge" Fid said. "Thanks" I said. I went to the kemon center looking worried at my Lairon's pokeball. "What happened" Hugh came to me, and I soon hide my blushs. "Is just that Lairon didn't listen to me against Fid" I said. "He'll trust you someday, I believe" Hugh said. "Yeah, thanks for believing in me" I said. "We are neighbors after all" Hugh said. We went to our room in the pokemon center.