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Elemental Academy: Elemental Academy Episode 12

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Kevin, Hoogen, Azure and Dylan meet up, but danger rises when several mechanical monsters surround them!
"AAAAHHHH!!!!!" Dylan and Azure scream, Dylan's jetpack at full speed. There was a giant mecha Godzilla running behind them. "Dylan! Fire the rockets, I'll use my fire powers!" Azure orders. Dylan takes out his Rocket Launcher and starts firing, while Azure throws a barrage of fireballs. "ITSA ME, MARIO!" Azure screams. The mecha Godzilla opens up it's mouth and fires a laser cannon, destroying their attacks and hitting Dylan and Azure. The jetpack is vaporised and the two fall down. "NOT AGAIN!" Azure shouts. "Wait a minute, I have my extra jetpack-" Dylan pauses when he tries grabbing his spare jetpack, he pulls out ash. "Damn." Dylan says, then looks down. Nothing but solid ground. "Uh....Azure...there's something I gotta tell you......" Dylan starts, and Azure looks at Dylan questioningly. "Mr. Bunny......I...uh....turned him into a robot." Dylan finishes. Azure blinks twice, then grabs Dylan and- hugs him. "YAY! I always wanted a robot!" Azure says. "Too bad you won't ever see him." Dylan sighs, then has a plan. "I know! The Kevin Signal!" Dylan says, and takes out a whistle with a lightning bolt symbol on it. Dylan blows, and instantly a lightning streak grabs them from falling and they are now in Kevin and Hoogen's hamster ball car. "Dylan! Azure! Bonjour! Now please, Dylan, MAKE THIS THING FASTER!" Kevin screams, and Dylan puts his memory stick in the key hole, and the cart became surrounded in a giant blue aura, and a face appeared on the windshield. "Hello, I am Dill. I will be your guide." The face said, being a smiley face with a blue background. "Yeah, Dill, Project Mario Kart." Dylan said, and Dill now had a racing kart helmet on. "Yes, sir!" Dill said, and the kart rolled extremely fast. "NOW PROJECT MARIO KART GRAVITY SWAP!" Dylan screamed said, and the Elementals were seemingly teleported to a safe room. "Whoa....." They spoke other then Dylan, who clicked a button on his remote, and a gigantic food table and HD Television appeared. "Welcome to Dill's Gravity Swap room. We've been taken to Dill's brain area, somewhere in his hard drive." Dylan explained, then took a bite of a potato. "What about the other elementals and the mecha animals?" Hoogen asked. "We are rolling over to the elementals and right now, and the chances of a mecha attacking us is 1/100000000. Unless they pull out Super Pig. But that would never-" Dylan was interrupted by Dill, who was screaming. "SUPER PIG FOUND US!" He screamed, and the Elementals were teleported back to the car, and Dill's memory stick was removed by Dylan. Outside of the car was a robotic pig, presumably Super Pig, crashing into the car. Dylan panicked, but took out his jetpack and grabbed Azure, then flew out. Kevin grabbed Hoogen and zapped out, right before Super Pig destroyed it.