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Elemental Academy: Elemental Academy Episode 11

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Kevin and Hoogen play a deadly game with Azure and Dylan against a deadly foe.
"Gym class, Gym Class, Oh how I hate you gym class!" Hoogen groaned, walking to gym class with his best friend Kevin. "Oh, come on! Phys. Ed is lots of fun! Dodgeball, Tennis, Soccer! Oh the possibilities, they make me feel so free! They're endless! They're endless! They're endless now!!! Oh the possibilities, they make me feel so free!" Kevin sang, excited beyond belief. Hoogen twitched at the mentioning of dodgeball, and saw Dylan and Azure trying to get in the gymnasium, shoving each other. Hoogen stomped on the ground, creating a mini earthquake, knocking Dylan on his bum and Azure on her face. Dylan laughed, but was tackled and the two began fighting. "What's wrong with you guys? You're best friends!" Hoogen asked. "Dylan lost my pet rabbit!" Azure growled. "Azure thinks I lost my rabbit when I actually just gave it back, then SHE lost it!" Dylan argued, but was hit by a hotdog to the face. Azure was armed with Dylan's old hotdog gun from Episode 2. "GOD DAMN'IT AZURE! STOP STEALING THAT!" Dylan shouted. All of them were then yanked in by a giant mechanical hand. They went inside to see Logan, Thomas, Max, Avery, Jaune and Theo all lying on the ground unconscious. Kevin ran too Jaune, panicking. "Jaune, are you okay?" He asked. Jaune weakly looked at Kevin. "He's.....too strong. RUN." Jaune moaned. "ATTENTION! Our new super awesome robots have gone bonkers! They are in the gym room so run for your FREEKING LIVES!" The announcement speaker spoke. "Uh oh." Hoogen shrieked before the room transformed into a jungle with some blood on the ground. "SH-" Azure screamed before she was slammed in the back, sent flying onto Kevin. Dylan saw a giant gorilla like robot with cannons for hands. "Guys, RUN! We're about to have our own version of JURASSIC WORLD!" Dylan screamed. The 4 heroes ran into a cave. The gorilla spoke in a loud voice. "Time to play some-" The gorilla fired a laser dodgeball from his cannon. "-Dodgeball." He growled. Meanwhile, many robotic giraffes and monkeys were trying to kill Hoogen and Kevin, who had went the opposite direction of Azure and Dylan. Kevin shocked some, but they were unaffected and one giraffe bit Kevin's butt. Kevin yelped then snapped the giraffe's neck. Kevin and Hoogen saw a hamster ball car. They jumped in and rolled away. Meanwhile, Azure was jumping through the trees while Dylan flew on his jetpack. "OK, Dylan, we gotta look out for- CRAP, ITS DA MONKEY POPO!" Azure screamed and dodged a howler monkey leaping at her. Dylan saw a snake leaping at Azure so he shot it with his D-Blaster. Azure grinned at Dylan, then saw the trees were ending off so she jumped on Dylan's feet, hanging from them. "WOO HOO!" Azure howled, as Dylan laughed then dodged a giant lion's paw. Wait, what? Dylan and Azure saw a giant robotic lion running after them, and they screamed. Azure was slashed and fell down into the lion's mouth. The lion quickly swallowed and burped, but then heard a very loud sound. He looked up. "GIVE ME MY BEST FRIEND BACK!!!!" Dylan screamed, his fist covered in a metal glove. The lion whimpered, then Dylan's fist collided with the lion's face. A large explosion came and thousands of mechanical parts rained down. Azure fell down screaming but was caught by Dylan. "Way to go Dylan! Thanks!" Azure said, sweating. "Yeah! I'm like Astro Boy but with clothes!" Dylan said, but then saw a giant laser blast heading their way. Dylan dodged then saw a giant mecha Godzilla walking towards them, screeching. "Uh Oh." They said.