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Elemental Academy Chapter 9~

by AzureEdge

AzureEdge So, @BlueFox gave his story to me, and I'm basically continuing it. Read chapter 1-8 to avoid confusion.
Elemental Academy Chapter 9~ Back in the Cafeteria.

Dylan looked at the pile of ashes, and Hoogen on the floor. This place was once used to be the cafeteria, and now all the kids were too scared to come back. . Dylan yelled. "Geez, Azure can't you clean up!"

Azure shrugged her shoulders."What do you mean me? It's not my fault!"

Crimson sighed." It is."

Azure started bickering."Oh, so now you're taking their side? You got me angry!"

Trent looked "And your powers are uncontrollable. So that's why it's up to us sea powers to fix up your mess. It's blankly obvious that, fire causes destruction."

Crimson was about to choke this kid's neck for being captain obvious."What?"

Trent, with no expression whatsoever said. "You heard me. Fire causes destruction."

Azure and Crimson glared at each other and sighed."Fine, just to show you that we're the best power's ever, we'll help clean up."

Trent sighed. "I don't think it's just the Fire Elemental's that should help us. Dylan, get all of the other elementals to help."

Dylan sighed as he reclined on a wall. "What for?"

There was a huge bang, and the next thing Dylan knew, Trent was right in front of him. "Didn't you hear me? I have my reasons for doing this, and you all will listen."

Dylan left, with hope that he'd bring someone back to help clean this mess, left. Trent gave Azure and Crimson the key to the warehouse, which was on the other side, of the school and apparently it had tons of spare tables for the cafeteria.

Crimson sighed."I wanna hear your reasons."

Azure raised her voice."Hey! It's not just me!"

"Fine, I'll tell you. Even though it's been about 3 months since the school year started, not one teacher has entered the cafeteria. Have you realized that? And now, you know I'm the class perfect, so if a teacher decided to drop in the cafeteria, we'd all be in trouble."

Azure and Crimson decided that they would help and started mopping up the floor. Trent using his water powers cleaned up all the ashes. Dylan brought Jacob, and hauled the tables in using their powers.

By the time the period was over, the cafeteria was sparkling new. Everyone went back to their assigned class.
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