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Elemental Academy Chapter 6 Halloween Special Part 2

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Just to clear things up, Max and Avery are based off two of my friends, Mac and Aaron. Same with the others, (Thomas= Timothy, Logan = Leon.) and the only one who kept their real name is Dylan.
Kevin's POV
After I had enough of Dylan and Azure's scrreaming, one was more girlish, (I'll give you 10 second to figure out who's that was) I let them go and explained what happened to them. Dylan got excited, and tried using headbutt on a tree, but what happened was him closing his eyes and awkwardly ran into a bush. Me and Azure facepalmed. Well, kinda. I used my tail and Azure couldn't do anything because of her stubby paw. We heard a large scream, though a scream that was a girl's, but not as girly as Dylan's. That was Alehia and Jaune! We ran towards the sound to see a giant Scizor, using Metal Claw and U Turn everywhere. Jaune, Thomas and Crimson were being pushed into the water, while Alsehia, Logan and Trent were being juggled by the metal bug. I sent a Shock Wave at it, Dylan sent a Flash Cannon, and Azure sent out a large ember barrage. The Scizor turned around, and when he saw us, his yellow eyes narrowed. He dropped the others, but Thomas and Aleshia lifted the group up with psychic. The Scizor came at us with a X- Scissor, but Dylan used protect. The metal bug used Quick Attack, and we had to dodge the attack. Are attacks wern't effecting it that much. Azure used Quick Attack to pick up the others one by one, and me and Dylan fought the bug off. Luckily, Logan and Crimson helped us take 'em down. We were getting good at this pokemon thing. We had to look for two others, though. Along the way, we met up with 2 other kids who were turned into pokemon, a Pikachu named Edward, but he said his nickname is Fido, and a Scyther named Mike. Our journey was going good until we came across another pokemon. It was a Conkeldurr. Mike was a big help, because of his high speedand attack, but he got hit hard by a Stone Edge. This was not going well.
Max's POV
I woke up and looked around to see a Spheal. I was about to scream, "I told you, Kenny Hason, Pokemon are real!", when I heard Avery's voice. Avery was Spheal? But we were working on a science project. How can he work with those stubby paws. Avery looked up and screamed. I screamed, aswell. After a minute, we stopped screaming, and Avery hit me on the head. "OW! What the hell, dude?" I asked, rubbing my forhead. "Max? Why are you a Seedot?" Avery asked, confused. I looked down at myself, and saw i was in an Acorn body. I guess I was a Seedot. That could put some trouble into my woodshop skills. I looked around to see we were on a tree stump. "I do not know." I stated simply. I stood up and started walking towards the forest. "What are you doing?" Avery asked. "Going to look for the others." I told him. Avery followed me, rolling insteadd of walking. "What... Oof... do you..... Oof.... think there... Oof... doing?" Avery asked, still rolling. "Probably fighting a giant pokemon. I would find out later on that i ws dead on right, but i didn't know that yet. We made our waythrough the forrest, fighting off some wild pokemon. We couldn't find the others anywhere. I hoped they were all right.

The next chapter might not be up for a while, so yeah. hackmaster owns Fido and sucuri owns Mike, by the way. They aren't mine. Derp.
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  1. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    You is Dylan. <.>
    Oct 12, 2014
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    Me is Dylan<.>
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