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Elemental Academy Chapter 5 Halloween Special Part 1

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox This chapter, the characters become pokemon! What could possibly go wrong? >Lopert2000 comes and smacks Bluefox in the face< What? What did I do?
Aleshia's POV
I woke up this morning to come face to face with my roommate, Cassie. She told me their was a meeting at the gym, so I came. It was Halloween, so maybe their was candy? I walked to the gym, hoping for Candy, but when I got there, I was enveloped in a beam of light.....
Kevin's POV
The last thing I remember was being hit by a beam of light, before losing consciousness and a lightning bolt across my mind. When I woke up, I looked around. A lot of stuff was bigger, and next to me was a Sandshrew and a Ralts. POKEMON! GOD THANK YOU! POKEMON ARE REAL! The only problem was that I was small. I didn't wanna be 3 again! I put my paw on my head, thinking something was wrong. Wait.... paw.... humans don't have paws. Pokémon have paws. Well, some of them. I heard a groan, then turned around to see the Sandshrew wake up. "What's going on....." The Sandshrew mumbled. Hoogen! "Uh... Huh? A SHINX?!?" Hoogen yelled. Cool. I was a Shinx! I wonder who the Ralts was, then. "It's me, Hoogen." I said. "OH! Kevin! Didn't recognize you their! You're a pokemon!" He chastised. "Your a Sandshrew." I pointed out. "Cool! Who's the Ralts?" He asked. "I dunno. Maybe Thomas?" I asked. "Wrong.... It's me, Aleshia!" The Ralts said. "Hey Aleshia!" I greeted. "Have any idea why were pokemon?" Hoogen asked. "Nope, but let's enjoy it! Spark!" I started building up electricity in my paws and claws, then charged at a tree and smashed into it. Smack! An apple fell down from the tree and onto my head. "Ow! That kinda hurt!" I squeaked. Hoogen started digging down fast, hoping to find treasure. Aleshia went to look for other pokemon, and I ate my apple. It was yellow. Like my attacks. Yum. Just as I was about to take another bite, I heard somebody shout "WHY AM I A CYNDAQUIL?!?", in Azure's voice. I dropped my apple out of my mouth, then went over to see a Cyndaquil running around, panicking, while a Aron started screaming, girlishly. Azure and Dylan, down. I went down to them, and used a Thunder wave, stopping them. Azure started yelling that she would kill me, but I ignored her. She couldn't kill me. As a pokemon, anyway. I went back to the tree, and tried to ignore Azure's yelling, and Dylan's snoring. Must of knocked him out. Meh. I want another apple.
Trent's POV
I woke up next to a Machop and a Abra! POKEMON! Well, that was my first thought. It was just Logan and Thomas who were turned into a pokemon. It turns out I was a Oshawott, even though I liked Piplup more. Stupid spell, or whatever it was. Thomas came up with some theories, but I don't think any of them were true. "Guys!" I heard. We turned around to see a Ralts, who was speaking in Aleshia's voice, coming towards us. I guess everybody else got turned into a pokemon, too. I told Aleshia to come over and help us find the others, and she agreed. A thought came across me, and I used Water Gun on Thomas and Logan. Thomas teleported just in time, but Logan got hit, and he glared at me. I sweatdropped and gulped. It must of been stronger than I meant it to be. He ran at me, preparing a thunder punch, but I blocked with a Razor shell, and hit him with a hydro pump. Time for a pokemon battle, hu? I used fury cutter, but Logan dodged and used focus blast, hitting me and sending me flying. Just as I was about to use aqua jet, Thomas used Hidden Power(Ice), which froze us. I sighed in the icy prison as Thomas dragged me and Logan towards the lake. Maybe Crimson and Jaune were there. Well, I hped we knew that a giant evil metal bug would be waiting there.

That's part 1 of the 3 part Halloween special of Elemental Academy. The next chapter will be up Thursday.
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  1. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    It's for the fans my friend, it's for the fans. ;)
    Oct 9, 2014
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    Seriously, I have to be Aron? Plus, I don't snore... Atleast I don't think I do...
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    Thieving Fox
    Go Cyndaquil! Go Azure! Go... Azurequil?
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    Can't wait for the next chapter.
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