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Elemental Academy: Elemental Academy Chapter 1: Easter Egg Hunt

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox So, Kevin and friends have set out to collect every Easter Egg the Easter Bunny left the school. Who will win the competition?
Kevin was having a peaceful dream about him having his own buffet. He was enjoying it so much, when suddenly, a chipmunk with glasses jumped on him and started nibbling on his arm. Kevin started screaming, an woke up. As he jumped out of bed, he saw Dylan attached to him.
"DYLAN....." Kevin said with a murderous tint.
"Uh....You saw NOTHING!" Dylan yelled and disappeared with his teleporting machine.
Kevin rolled his eyes and looked over at the calendar. It was Easter! His favourite day of the year. Kevin looked over at his best friend and roommate, Hoogen. He zapped him slightly and his friend rolled out of bed. Hoogen groaned and got up, glaring at Kevin.
"Why in God's name would you do THAT!?!?" Hoogen shouted.
"It's Easter, Hoog!" Kevin exclaimed. Hoogen's eyes lit up.
"REALLY? YES!!!" Hoogen cheered.
Kevin and Hoogen dashed out of their room to see Azure sniffing the floor. They blinked, then walked over to their tomboyish friend.
"Umm...Azure, what the hell are you doing?" Hoogen asked.
Azure looked up and lowered her eyebrow.
"Sniffing for Easter Eggs, duh! That's how you find the chocolate sent! Dylan is doing it as well!" Azure explained, and pointed up to Dylan, who was crawling on the ceiling.
"Spider Man, Spider Man, does whatever a Spider Can- WHOA!!!" Dylan screamed as he fell down, face first.
Kevin face palmed, wondering if Dylan was really that retarded or just showing off. Kevin and his friends walked over to the stairs, and saw Theo with a basket, looking for eggs.
"Hey, bro!" Kevin greeted, and Theo grinned. He jumped down the stairs.
"Sup, Kev! I'm staring my Easter Egg Hunt!" Theo exclaimed.
"So are we! Hey, I have an idea!" Kevin said.
"We put salt on our eggs?" Dylan guessed.
"NO! We have a Egg Hunting Competition!" Kevin explained.
"Oh......" All the friends nodded.
"Lets get the Teams organized! Me and Hoogen, Dylan and Theo, and Azure and Jaune!" Kevin continued, and right on the mention of her name, Kevin's girlfriend walked out of her dorm.
"Sounds good, Kev!" The life elemental chimed.
The teams got together, and set out for eggs. Team KH went to the Math Room, Team DT to Science, and AJ to History.
To be continued.....
And there is the first part of the Easter Special. Vote in the comments on who you think should win!
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