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Ekko - sprite

by CombuskenBrazil

CombuskenBrazil Oh my Arceus! This sprite have a amazing history!
First, sorry @AzureEdge , but I think that the DBZ sprite will take more time than what I think. So sorry.
I've was thinking on what game I could "sprite" a characther, and, comes in my mind the game that I started playing: League of Legends. (Okay, I know this game have a lot of bad guys, and blah blah blah, but I think that my sanity is... harder?)
There was a new character, that could play with time and paradox. I thought that it was cool, but very hard to play. His name is Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time.
Yeah, I tried to play with it, and I discover that he is BEAUTIFUL. This thing is very fun to play, but he depends so much of the skills. So, in the start he's weak, but after, a DEMON (or god, for the allies e.e).
Buuuut, he's very expensive to buy, and the "Free Week" has passed, so, I can't play with it! Snif, snif.
Well, about the sprite: I never thought that I could do it, (very hard, bro) but, more I've was "spriting", more I thought: "I did it"
God, this was epic. I can make a movie with this.
I don't know if this thing is in WIP, but, why I can't do it better? When I reach the feets... no, the neck of @Kyubeon -sensei? Meh, let's see...
Hope you like the sprite and the story! Now, have fun.

(If there's English errors, warn me. This text is colossal! o.o" (Spoiler: Look my name. BRAZIL))
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