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eevee dark world diary :Tuesday

by pifchif

He dropped me in the nest so i used trump card on his babies he look at me mad so i jump out of the nest as quick as i could but then there was alot of spearows chasing me so i used dig i hade not used moves in 10 years so i was doing good but i was scared that its was not good enough. i dig back to my cave to only fin that it was destroyed when that pikachu used thunder . I hate pikachus first my trainer replaced me with a pikachu now a pikachu destroy my home its for sure i hate trainers and pikachus. After a little rest i was woking up by two pokemon fighting over food . i hour later there still figting so i used sand attack took the berry and started to run . they were caching up to me so i used dig and i escaped theire was i charmander a hungry charmander so i shared it with him we started to talk and we became good friends. One day a trainer caught him it wasmy old trainer michel. I tried to let him out but i could not get passed him . i went and laid down on a rock and i stardede thinking about that battle against zapdose my trainer left me their when i needed to get to the pokemon center and took that pikachu at his side now he has charmander my friend and the i saw i bag over my head i was captured by what i dont now .
  1. pifchif
    Jul 30, 2015
  2. masterball gamer
    masterball gamer
    Amazing I like the diary format
    Jul 29, 2015
    pifchif likes this.