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Duanna Town

by raccoonchan12

Duanna Town.png
raccoonchan12 - Duanna Town is a small area that is linked to Targaryen City.This town is a small area,where all the flowers bloom throughout the houses.Its like a small village,but its quite peaceful.The town is also known as,the Town of Reflections.The Umbrella's here are hand made and rare to find.They umbrellas are alot different then the ones at Slateport City at the Hoenn Region.
- They have a small hot spring in front of the Spa Center.You will meet your rival *If you use this area as your own story or not*,but he/she won't fight with you.But he/she will give you a Sun Stone that she found at the Duanna Star Cave.
- The Duanna Star Cave is a cave that looks like you're with the stars all over space.Some say that there is a special,and extremely rare Pokemon that is rarely seen and that is not shown anywhere in any regions.
- The small playground is called the Duanna Park.You can take your Pokemon there and let the kids of Duanna town play with them.The Duanna Playground will increase your Pokemon's Friendship and Experience.
- There is a watch house where the entrance is to Duanna town.The people always watches when something happens.
- There is a small Pokemon Contest house in here;you have the basics in here normal - master ranks, catagories cool,cute,beauty,cute,smart,and tough.But,this area has a special category;You got your choice of contest,Single or Double Contest.
- The Pokemon around here are friendly and playful.If you fish at the lake,you will get these pokemon for any rods,which is Goldeen,Magikarp,or Feebas.
There is a stone at the Town that people say 3 things about that stone:
1.You can evolve any Grass Type Pokemon to their alternative forms
2.You can evolve your Eevee into a Leafeon
3.There is a rare Stone for a Certain Pokemon in here.
- The Monorail is blocked by 2 Mechanics,and will need your help finding a Key to the Electrical Power Box,which is found at a abandoned school up of Duanna Town.You'll see a boy up north of the map.He is scared to find his sister's pokemon up at the Abandoned School.He tells you that someone stole her pokemon and is inside somewhere at the abandoned school.One of the Mechanics also said that someone had also stolen the Power Box Key.
- After you got the Key,you are now able to enter Targaryen City.Plus,you get a HM Strength from the Cabin Boy.

=This is all the information I can give for Duanna Town,if you have any questions,please leave a comment.