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Driftloon's Fail

by Trofl

Trofl A short story by Trofl
"Daddy, daddy, look at that balloon!" said a 5-year-old girl. "Can I keep it, please please please!?". Before her dad could answer, she grabbed the Driftloon. We all know know about Driftloons, right? Whatever. Read the PokeDex. Anyway, now half of you have stopped reading, Driftloon tried to take her away but failed. Then came a rude Klefki. It popped Driftloon.
"NOOOOO, STUPID HOUSE KEYS, WHY!?" cried the girl. Then she killed all the Klefkis in the world using a dead Charmander and a blowtorch.

  1. Trofl
    Heh heh heh......
    Apr 10, 2014
  2. GoldenDarkBlade
    My childhood... D:
    Apr 5, 2014