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Dream or Reality?

by Trainer Vitos Brio

Trainer Vitos Brio This isn't one of my best works, and I had a limited time to do this since it was a giveaway competition on FB (which I lost =.=) But I thought you guys might want to read it, so here. >_<

I stumbled through the darkened woods, my heart pounding, but comforted slightly by the ever growing light at that grew over the horizon. "I'm so close...!" I mutter under my breath, sweat pouring off my brow as I pushed through the foliage. Thorns pricked my skin and pulled at my hair. Twigs and leaves crunched underfoot loudly. I tried to keep my steps silent, but the thick forest was too littered from debri of what seemed to be the aftershock of a storm. I stepped into a shady clearing, tall grass swished around up to my knees as I wearily made my way to the growing light. I was so close! I froze when I heard a faint whispering behind me. Silent words growing ever slightly louder as a slight rustling began to commence in the bushes. I turned around slowly, my heart pounding. I picked up a long branch, keeping it tight in my hands. My eyes darted around the clearing, tears pricking my eyes. I don't want to die here! Not like this. Not alone and scared! That's when it came out. I stifled a scream with a thorn battered hand as a large, purple creature rose out of the foliage. Long purple tendrils emaciated the figure as it twirled in the air fancifully. It's yellow and red yes glittered as it's crooked mouth smiled, bowing slightly with what it seemed to be a cruel and twisted form of a witches hat. I blinked, pulling my hand away from my mouth. A Mismagius? This is Oregon, not freaking Kalos or wherever they come from! I took a step back as it floated towards me, the air seemingly growing colder. "Missssmagius..." I hissed silently, blinking slowly and reaching closer to my face. I bit my lip, raising the branch up defensively. The bark was hard coarse, and it hurt my hands, but I held it up anyways. It was my only defense. The Pokémon looked over the branch curiously, it's eyes glinting with a dark malice. The corner of its lips pricked up as a darkens aura ripped the branch from my hands and sent it flying. "Oh no. Oh please no." I choked back a sob as a darkened sphere began to form between two of its tendrils. I screamed and scrambled away, flinching as the Shadow Ball narrowly missed my shoulder. I gasped for breath as I charged through the foliage, screaming for help as a twisted laugh rose up behind me. I was going to die here. Alone. Scared. I bit my lip. No, not today. I refuse to end like this, I have so much to live for. I felt myself pour all my energy into my legs, kicking on extra speed as the light ahead of my grew brighter. "Missssmaaaguuiiss!!!" It howled behind me, blasting another Shadow Ball. I cringed as it scraped my arm, leaving a cold but burning sensation on my exposed skin. I burst through the remaining foliage, stunned by the sudden transition between light and dark. I stood there, dazed as my eyes readjusted to the light, my hopes rising as I saw the familiar insignia of the Pokémon Center. I smiled, but then howled in pain as a blast of dark energy hit my leg. I turned around and saw that the wild Mismagius was dangerously close. It's eyes glinted dangerously, and it's face was contorted into a hideous scowl. "Go away!" A screamed, limping pathetically to the doors of the Pokémon Center, tears flowing down my face as small droplets of rain began to pour down from sky. "Mmaaagiiuuss!" It screeched, blasting another shot to my other leg. I sobbed and fell to the ground. "Excuse me? Who's out there?" A voice called from the Center, I looked up, my vision blurry from crying. "Help me! Help me please!" I called, my arm outstretched ahead of me. "Hold on! I'll be right there!" The lady called back. "Hurry!-" I froze when a long, purple tendril wraps around my mouth. The Mismagius floated down closer, "Help is here." It said, mimicking the voice. I soon remembered, that one episode where Mismagius tricked Ash and the gang into a wonderful dream that soon turned into a nightmare. This was all an illusion. I was really all alone. I then blinked, an idea forming in my mind. An illusion. None of this is real. Using the last of my strength, I pushed the Mismagius away. It floated up, confused as I struggled to stand up. I gasped in pain as I brought myself up, trying to look as tough as I could. I raised a finger and pointed it to the Pokémon. "This is my mind!" I bellowed, my face determined, "You have no power here!" The Mismagius cocked it's head and frowned. "Mismagiussss?..." "Leave!" I said, standing up all the way. The pain in my legs disappearing. I smiled, and decided to use a little trickery of my own. I pulled a Pokéball out of thin air, my hands gripping the red and white contraption tightly. Rain poured off its spherical shape and cascaded between my fingers. The Mismagius's eyes grew wide, holding the tendrils up to its eyes like seeing the ball itself was to much to bear. I smiled, and pulled my arm back. "This is what you get for messing with a Zabaldo!" I threw the Pokéball at it triumphantly, hitting it at the tip of its head. A beam of white hot energy cascaded around the Pokémon and trapped it inside. I smiled as the Pokéball fell to the wet earth, clicking at the successful catch. I looked up to the raining sky, a smiled spread across my face. It's all over. ---- I woke up in my bed the next morning, a smile stretched across my face. "Weird dream." I said to myself as I reached over to my desk and pulled out my 2DS. I turned it on and scrolled through my team in Pokémon X, freezing when I landed on my Mismagius. I could've sworn I saw it frown. I then shook my head and smiled, looking out the window and watching the birds flit by. As nice as it sounds, I don't think the Pokémon world is quiet ready to be ours. Not yet. ~Fin~
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  1. Trainer Vitos Brio
    Trainer Vitos Brio
    Thank you! :) I will!
    Jul 15, 2014
  2. Akymari
    Wonderful!^^ Please write more!
    Jul 14, 2014