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Dreadnought Bulwark

by ExoFlashFire

ExoFlashFire First person Roleplay/Fanfic from my main instagram account, which is @Swaginja. The character is Nero the Greninja, and he explores a forgotten ship that was lost long ago, and Nero along with two other Pokemon find it by the Village Bridge coast. Edited it to add some spaces and other details.
The Leviathan. A ship casted into sea, abroad for many years. Many have sought it, others found it. Streamline hull, ridged corners. Sunken into depth, resurrection awoke the dreadnought from it's rest. I would believe the delitescent fortress was only a myth, if it didn't suddenly appear at the Village Bridge coast. I peered to the ship, my reflection displayed in a gray hue. Other Pokémon like me gazed at it's bulky frame in shock, some even touching the smooth surface with glistening eyes, created from their paroxysm of wonder. "The leviathan…" I muttered, finding any entrance I can use to enter the ship for exploration and to see if it could be operated once again. A small lever appeared, and I flipped it in suspicion. The ground below me shook, tension within building up gradually, then it happened. A gate opened, teal voltage flowing through the ship's circuits, then fading into a dull graphite. Forming Water Shurikens and grasping them, I cautiously entered, keeping a focus on every footstep I took.
The interior looked dull, as it was only titanium walls with engraved patterns, indicating some message. No control panels, no windows or storage. Just a barren corridor left with rubble and ash. An Escalvalier and Accelgor followed me, gazing at the boat with the same expression as mine. Shrugging my arms, I said that they could follow me on exploring the ship. After an hour, we found some red shards, Big Pearls, nuggets, fossils, and even the ever-powerful splash plate; Something viable to my own attacks. As much as we loved these items, I'm a little agitated that we couldn't find the main control room.

"What now?" Accelgor asked to his steel-clad companion, gazing at the large wall in front of him.
"This could be it." I muttered.

With a silent gaze that scanned everything in sight, I was searching for any visible button on every premise of the wall. I stumbled over to a plastic button, and I pressed it, leading to what we've been looking for: the Control Room. Vermilion rust corrupted the walls, doused glass still soaking wet. Miraculously, the ship's main control system was stable, and could be used again with the right equipment or moves. And I think I might have the right idea. Looking at the outlet, I used Extrasensory, pulsing some electricity in the form of psychic waves. "That should supply us for now, especially with fixing this ship for sailing status." The Escalvalier said, crossing his cutlass arms and tilted his helm down. "It's a dreadnought. It'll take some time to fix." I heard gears shifted, rusted metal shaking and creaking, and circuits shone blue luminescence. My ruby-lit eyes flared at the sight of the Leviathan operating once again.
A froslass, apparition of snow, mistress of powder, the madam cloaked in violet and ice. Even though I was surprised, I kept a stoic attitude, clutching Water Shurikens and keeping a harsh, vermilion glare. "

Who are you? " I asked, arms firm and adjacent to my body, ready to fling the dangerous, aberrant blades.

Silence. That's all I heard.

That's the only reply from the Froslass, and a quite irritating answer.


No word. Not even a breeze passed by, I'm annoyed with this silence. About to impale my blade to her head, she made one action.

"I am what's left of this ship…" Frosslass whispered, voice trailing off into silence.

She faded into nothing, which left me quiet for a moment. What did she mean? Was she fuel? Was she someone's Pokémon, preferably the captain's? In need of an answer, I sprinted to the control panel, scaling metal and copper. Byzanti only looked at me, crossing his arms with a serious attitude. "That Froslass. I supposed you saw the mistress too." I nodded, crossing my arms as the Shuriken dissipated from the palms of my webbed hands.

"I've heard of the omnipotent Froslass of the Leviathan, watching this ship as a Snorunt, and watching this ship ever since, even in the utmost dangerous conditions. Consider her a member of the Dreadnought's Bulwark. Actually, more of an ally."

Vanguard appeared and replied, honing his blades with Rock Polish. And so it shall be. This ship, revived from a pure nothing, now with a guardian. This is the beginning of a new revelation, a new beginning. And now, there is someone aiding us by our side.
  1. HuskyDragonWolvez
    Awesome! Very nice writing and great story! :D
    Jan 24, 2014