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"Disoriented" Character Cast 1-3

by Sy Kage

Sparkle~.png Kitsune~.png Forowa~.png
Sy Kage A couple of OCs I whipped up. Idea came to mind when looking at a Jumpluff sprite and thinking, can I create something out of this?

Sparkle - Jumpluff with Pikachu color scheme. Name comes from...well, Sparkle. A bit of backstory, a Skiploom ran away from her home tree, coming across a sparkling lake. Diving in gave Sparkle an unnatural glow, later turning her golden.

Kitsune - Ninetales with Mega Charizard X color scheme. Name comes from the Japanese word for fox. Was raised from an egg by a trainer, but lost three tails to a Blaziken's Dual Chop after evolving.

Forowa - Physically abused Banette. Name is a disorientation of the word 'Follower'. For his birthday, a young boy was given a rag doll. He didn't exactly like the doll, physically abused it, threw it away, and ran away from home soon after. Forowa vows to find his owner, and do to him what he deserves.
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