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Death in the Forest: Death in the Forest 2

by GalacticMurder

GalacticMurder Charmander and Squirtle get more information on the murderer and encounter some problems as they investigate.
Squirtle exclaims, "Keep running! Don't stop!" The mysterious Pokemons screams, "Wait!" Squirtle says, "Don't listen, keep running!" Charmander says, "Hold up, he's just a Snorlax, he didn't even make it half way from where we are." Squirtle turns around to find out it is just a Snorlax. The two walk back to where they were. Snorlax says, "Yo, I'm Snorlax! I've heard rumors that.." Charmander says, "Woah, hold up. Rumors? That means they might not be true." Snorlax says, "Be quiet when I'm speaking. So, I've heard rumors that the murderer is a ghost type!" Squirtle yells, "A ghost!" Snorlax says, "Yeah, a ghost. That's all the information I have." Charmander and Squirtle walk away. Squirtle says, " How are we supposed to find a ghost?" Charmander says, "I don't know." They continued walking, until they encountered a Ghastly battling a Bulbasaur. Charmander says, "The Bulbasaur looks hurt!" Squirtle says, "I don't think we should help." Charmander blasts the Ghastly with ember. The Ghastly then flies away with burns and yells, "I'll get you next time, runt!"
Charmander asks Bulbasaur, "Are you okay?" Bulbasaur says, "I can take care of my self." Squirtle says, "If you can then why were you losing?" Bulbasaur uses vine whip on Squirtle. Charmander uses scratch on Bulbasaur. Charmander says, "We just helped you, why are you attacking us?" Bulbasaur lies down on the ground in pain. The ground started shaking, a heavy Pokemon is coming. Out of the bushes comes a Venasaur. Charmander and Squitle stand still staring at the big Pokemon in fear. Squirtle says,"Don't hurt us." Charmander says, "Yes, please don't." Venasaur says, "Then I'll make your deaths as painless as possible." Venasaur walked closer, then out of nowhere a blast of fire hit Venasaur in the face. The Charizard reveals itself. Charizard says, "No one hurts my friends." Charizard blasts the Venasaur until he becomes unconscious. Charmander says, "Thanks for saving us!" They continue their investigation.
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