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Dark Paths (Chapter 2): The Awakening

by bioaura

bioaura So this is the second chapter of Dark Paths (Finally !!)
Feel free to comment or tell me if you have an idea I should incorporate :)
December 20,2010
Finaly we are going to Mr.Pokemon's house! Cole flew me there easily, we only had to wait like 20 minutes but it was worth it. I entered the house and found Mr.Pokemon talking to a smart looking man. He and Mr.Pokemon looked at me astonished I didn't know why but, then I realized my white pokemon was sticking his head out my bag. They hurried to me and asked me where I found him, I told them it was because of my cousin. Then they properly presented them selves the other man was called Prof.Oak he told me he is from Sinnoh, wow there are a lot of people from sinnoh here, well going back to the Professor, he told me that pokemon was an Eevee not only a rare pokemon but mine was more than that he was a "shiny" pokemon like they called it, they are super rare pokemon some said to have special abilities, that was the only thing I listened too I was getting bored, then the professor showed me a Pokedex entry that said stuff about Eevee's, he gave me it later. Later Mr.Pokemon told me that that Eevee could evolve into various other evolutions and they would keep the "shiny" state, then Prof.Oak told me that when I was finished with the things I have to do to go to the next town Azalea Town he said he had something there he wanted to show me and left. It was nightfall already, those guys talk VERY much, so Mr.Pokemon told me to stay for the night and I gladly accepted, he was very happy because he could study Eevee while I was there. Im tired Mr. Pokémon kept talking and talking so im very slee....

December 21,2010
Today was a pretty weird day, me and Eevee woke up early and went again to Violet city to challenge the gym leader there, Mr.Pokemon was very sad I left, he wanted to do other tests to see Eevee's structure and other things but I had to leave I need to get my first gym badge, well I left to the route that leads to Violet City, and again I saw that weird shadow thing but this time it was moving somewhere so I followed it, I don't know how but I ended up in ten minutes in Violet City I was totally creeped out, it took me 20 minutes flying from there to Mr.Pokemon's house and I ended up in 10 minutes on foot it was weird, and to top it off the shadow disappeared at the entrance, well atleast it helped me find a shortcut, I ran to the gym to find that the gym was closed, but man told me I should train in Sprout Tower it is where people go before the gym battle. I thanked him and went to the tower. Lets say we battled a LOT but we ended up in the top of the tower to battle the elder there
we won! Thanks to Rattata's bite attack. So then the elder gave us a TM called Flash, TM's helps you teach your pokemon new moves, well that was what he told me, later we left the tower by an awesome item called Escape Rope we threw the rope through the towers pillar and swang till we ended up in the first floor. I loved it but it becames useless after that. We later came back to the towns pokemon center and we ate and now going to sleep....

December 22,2010
These nightmare wont go away wont they, I had a new nightmare It was about Eevee that he had disappeared into the and I was lost in a weird forest and I only had Rattata but he was scared too. And that we kept going until we entered a clearing that was getting darker and darker until I saw the shadows face, the same shadow that followed me from my town, it had a hairlike appendage that covered it head and there was one part uncovered one of it eyes or it only eye,I couldn't distinguish, and it had a jaw like formation that covered his neck. The shadow looked at me and showed me something it was a vision of me and Eevee and in the backround the creature I found in my room the one with the blue rings on it. And then the shadow and the vision disappeared and I woke up. I went to have a stroll later with Eevee and Rattata , I was to worried to go the gym, I was worried because I think there is more things going to happen, I still wonder what was the shadow trying to tell me.

December 23,2010
I finally went to the Gym to have my battle with Falkner it was fairly easy his Pidgey was pretty weak but his Pidgeotto was hard to beat it kept using gust on rattata, sadly he fainted little after that but Eevee went in and used a new attack he learned, Bite. It was an awesome battle Eevee is a natural attacker! And I got my first badge which I owe my pokemon for. So later I went on my way to route 32 and battled my way some trainers and ended up at Union Cave, which was with way more light than the other cave I entered in some days ago. I kept on going and I found a giant rock snake that attacked me I battled it a long time until I finally caught it. I found out with some Hikers I battled earlier I caught an Onix they fell in love with him instantly they even offered some pokemon for him, I declined and went on my way. When I was almost at the end of the cave I was attacked by a Horde of Zubat I called in my three pokemon and defeated them easily. I went on and ended in route 33, the route near Azalea town. Its always raining for some reason. Well I finally entered Azalea Town I didn't have much time to wonder around because it was nightfall already but tomorrow I will have time for that.

December 24,2010
Today was wonderfull I walked with my pokemon all over town the people there a very nice, the only thing that bothered me was the fact that the Slowpoke from that town, were getting scared of something, we later discovered that some people were trying to cut all of the slowpoke's tales but strange enough they were stopped in there tracks by a shadow so they said. They found them frightened and shivering in the slowpoke well, just like the boy in New Bark Town. I just wonder what is the thing that keeps following me everywhere I go and why. Later I went into the Pokémon Center and talked to the professor he told me a little bit more about what he had been studying about "shinies" he told me from what he learned from Prof.Rowan that "shiny" pokemon can be born or can be turned that way by a special event that can happen to a pokemon, that was the only information he has for now but its enough.

April 16,2014
Wow it has been a long time since I wrote on my journal, im considering going to the Kalos region soon so I wont have time to write on this but it will be a reminder of my rookie goals or of my past dreams, I have achieved much since those days, its hard to think that the rookie trainer with a special pokemon would get this far as to be a champion, well I haven't done this alone my Umbreon and Raticate have been much help, plus my whole team of pokemon that have assisted me. I just wish that some things would have changed before, especially with Darkrai I hope he is okay whether he is. Well im on my way to Kalos on the trail of this new pokemon that was discovered here in Sinnoh that I traced back to that region. If anyones reading this please now this was made with my whole heart.
B.M.S ...(small message scratched off)....
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  1. bioaura
    Btw finished another Entry.
    Mar 16, 2014
  2. bioaura
    Lol thx, the titles will be clarified later on (I haven't had much time to finish this chapter or add something through because I have a LOT of school stuff).
    Mar 16, 2014
  3. Vaporeonn
    Oh, and I just saw the titles of the two chapters : Dawn of the Day and The Awakening.
    So cool!
    Still don't understand them.. ^^;
    Mar 16, 2014
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  4. Vaporeonn
    Great intro! New it was an Eevee! :3
    Feb 22, 2014
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  5. bioaura
    Sorry it took so long to do this I had a lot of stuff in my mind and a LOT of school work to finish and do but enjoy :) (I will try to do entries on weekends)
    Feb 21, 2014