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Dark Days:A Pokémon Story: Dark Days: Chapter 1 Part 3

by Hydreigonborn

Hydreigonborn This story is from the perspective of Ashley the Quilava Gijinka.
Ashley was scared and alone in a forest bordering the Kanto region and the Johto region. She had no idea were her trainer was. She felt different. She wasn't a quilava anymore...

Ashley sat on the ground and grunted. She didn't not want to move from her spot until her trainer came back.

Ashley looked at a nearby stream and thought, Water! She walked towards the small grouping of water in her reflection was a girl's face. She gasped and shouted" I'm Human!?!?!"

She sat back in her seat and started to cry. The trees rustled behind her. I figure in purple appeared from nearby bushes. The man looked at Ashley and asked," Why so serious?" A rainbow arrow appeared and the man summersaulted away to dodge it.

The arrow embedded it's self in a nearby tree. The trees rustled more. A woman in blue emerged from them, with a rainbow bow. Ashley hid her eyes behind her knees and cried more.

The man cursed under his breath and ran away. The woman smiled at Ashley and said motherly," Don't cry, Everything will be alright, My name is X, what's yours?"

Ashley wiped the tears out of her eyes and muttered," Ashley."
  1. Hydreigonborn
    Oh shoot, I orginally made a statues that said," I'm post-poning Dark Days until Aspen gets back," But I guess you are back, so I'll have another up by the end of the day tommorow.
    Mar 20, 2017
  2. Cloudswift
    Are you going to make another chapter? ^^
    Mar 20, 2017