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Daniel's Journy: Daniel's Journey Part 3: The Battle at Saffron

by Gym_Leader_Aqua

Gym_Leader_Aqua in the view of Daniel
As I journeyed to Saffron City, I stopped and caught some new Pokemon for my team. I had caught a Venonat and a Nidorino, both good choices for my team. Also, my Zubat had evolved into a Golbat which I was very happy about. When I got to Saffron City, I saw the meeting place that the man wanted me tot go to. The Sliph. Co. The building stood tall as I approached its automatic doors. I stepped in and notice that someone had infiltrated the base! I ran up the dozen and dozen of stairs to reach the man. But he was in a battle, a battle against the man.
"Give it up Giovanni! It doesn't have to be this way! Blastoise use hydro pump!" Blastoise shot a huge stream of water out of its pump.
"I can do what I like Luke, now stop messing with our plans. Persian use protect!" Persian made a turquoise shield around it and it blocked the water from hitting Persian. Now I know both their names, the man is Giovanni, and the boy is Luke. I look at their battle to see that Luke is victorious.
"Giovanni stop your plans! Cause if you don't then I will!"
"Luke, you may have stopped me but I heard that you lost to a certain member. My boy, Daniel. He hasn't been beaten yet!" Giovanni shouts while he points to me.
"Daniel, so we meet again."
"Yes, why do you mess with Rocket's plans?" I ask while I hold a pokeball behind my back.
"Cause their evil plans! Its all one big scam to steal Pokemon!"
"You don't know that."
"Yes I know it because I've seen it!" He throws out his pokeball to see Blastoise emerge out of his pokeball.
"If you won't get out of the way then your getting blasted with hydro pump." I stand there with no movement.
"Suit yourself, Blastoise hydro pump!" Blastoise shoots a blast of water aiming at me. Just before it hits I sent out my new Nidoking that I evolved earlier and it used protect to stop the water from hitting me.
"Nidoking, use earthquake." Nidoking cause a huge earthquake that make the floor collapse so Luke and Blastoise fall down to the bottom floor.
"Giovanni, well done, now I need you to spread the word, and make new Team rockets all over the region. Go to Hoenn region to start a new team rocket." I agree, as I travel to Vermillion so I can get to Hoenn.