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Daniel's Journey Part 2: The Enemy of Rocket

by Gym_Leader_Aqua

Gym_Leader_Aqua In Daniel's point of view
As I entered Mt. Moon, I saw a man, he was in a black suit with a Pink "R" on it. Like mine. Anyhow, he showed me where to go, so I went deeper into the cave. That's when I heard shouting from one part of the cave. I ran as soon as possible to the place with Ekans on my shoulders. I see this kid, same age as me, has a red hat, and others and I see him battling one of the grunts.
"Wartortle use water gun!" Wartortle soon shot a powerful water gun at the grunt's Rattata. I hid behind a boulder, and I see that the grunt had just lost his match against this kid. I hide until he walks away to a different spot. I come out form hiding and explore the cave while going to the Man's friend. While I was there I spotted a Zubat from the cave. I threw a quick ball at it and I caught it straight away. I then return to the path and see the kid again. I hide again think about who this kid is. Then his Wartortle takes out another grunts Pokemon. He soon takes the TM on the rock and heads back up a rusty latter that I took to get down. I continue to follow this kid and were in another path where he's taking out grunts left and right. Water gun, tackle, water gun, tackle. He takes out all the grunts. Then he's talking to one of rocket's scientist and beats him for the Dome fossil. Then he turns around and sees me looking at him.
"Hey, your on team Rocket right?" He points to me with his fierce look.
"Yeah, why do you ask." I stand up and face him.
"Because I'm here to challenge you!" He takes out a pokeball and sends out a Pidgey.
"Alright, but don't mess with Team Rocket, We are the strong team here." I send out my Zubat and prepare it for battle.
"Pidgey use Gust!" The bird uses its wings to blow a huge gust.
"Zubat, glide in that gust and use Wing attack!" Zubat flies through the gust and it hits Pidgey with its wings.
"Nice, but that won't stop me! Pidgey use tackle!" Pidgey flies towards Zubat, making sure it will hit.
"Nice try, Zubat Double Team!" Zubat makes mirages of its self and Pidgey misses Zubat. "Now Zubat, Wing Attack!" Zubat soon hits Pidgey with its glowing white wings. Pidgey goes down and he soon unable to battle.
"Pidgey return. Go Wartortle!" The turtle soon came out from its pokeball and now Zubat must face it.
"Zubat, use Wing attack!" Zubat charges its wings and heads for Wartortle.
"Wartortle, use withdraw!" Wartortle soon hid in its shell and it shined for a brief second. Then Zubat hit Wartortle but it flew back in the process.
"Wartortle use tackle!" Wartortle soon charged into Zubat making him unable to battle.
"Zubat return! Go Ekans!" I sent out the snake and it prepared for battle. We went back and forth. Water gun, Poison sting, tackle, bite, withdraw, wrap, rapid spin, poison fang. We went back and forth until we all got tired.
"Just give up. *huffs* I will stop you. Wartortle use-" And then, before anything happened, Ekans had a blue aura surrounding it and it was glowing white..
"Ekans your... evolving!" When the light and the aura faded I had a new Arbok ready to rumble.
"Arbok use Poison tail!" Arbok's tail had a purple aura around it and it slammed into Wartortle making it unable to battle. He leaves rushing to the Pokemon center, while I get the Helix fossil from the scientist. Then I leave to get to Saffron City, to meet the Man's friend. (To be continued...)