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Daniel's Journy: Daniel's Journey Chapter 5: Ghosts in Petalburg Forest

by Gym_Leader_Aqua

Gym_Leader_Aqua Daniel's Journey into Hoenn to restart his life from all the lies.
As I got off the boat I went strait to the Pokemon center. The Pokemon center in Hoenn were the same in Kanto, but more different. So As my Pokemon healed, I saw this green headed kid with another kid. He was in a orange and black outfit, he was showing the green haired kid how to catch a Pokemon. I saw him catch the Pokemon using the help of a Zigzagoon. I watched until my Pokemon were done healing. As I got out I caught up to the boy.
"Hold it right there!" I shouted with all my might. The boy turned around along with the green haired boy.
"Yes? Can I help you?" I looked right at him, then I toke out one of my pokeballs and looked the guy right in his eye.
"I want to battle you." He looked at me, then at the other boy. He took out his pokeball and looked at me.
"Your on! Wally stand back." The green haired kid stepped back as we battled on route 102.
"Alright, this will be a one on one battle." I said, "There will be no substitutions. The winner is the person who's Pokemon is still standing." He nodded. Now the battle was on. "Venonat, I choose you!" I sent out my Venonat and he looked with astonishment.
"Wow! A Venonat, I've never seen one before." He took out this red device and it started to speak as he pointed it at my Pokemon.
"Venonat, the insect Pokemon, Venonat is said to have evolved with a coat of thin, stiff hair that covers its entire body for protection. It possesses large eyes that never fail to spot even minuscule prey." I looked in confusion, how could a small red box speak? As I thought of this the boy sent out his Pokemon.
"Alright, go Mudkip!" He sent out his blue Pokemon as we started the battle.
"Venonat, use signal beam!" Venonat charged up a multi-colored beam and shot it at the blue Pokemon.
"Mudkip dodge and use Mud-slap!" The blue Pokemon leaped up and avoided my signal beam, then it shot out mud at my Venonat. It got hit and it's eyes were covered in mud. "Mudkip, now use water Gun!" The blue creature landed and shot a spout of water at Venonat and it flew back.
"Venonat! Are you ok?" The Venonat shook its heat with the water leaving it.
"Veno- Veno Nat!" Venonat got up and it started to glow.
"What?" The boy looked as the Venonat changed into a Venomoth.
"A Venomoth! Alright, now Venomoth, Silver Wind!" The huge insect made a just of wind and it struck Mudkip and it fainted. The boy returned his Mudkip and left. Without a word, I wondered why but I headed to Petalburg Forest. AS I did saw a shadow pass by me. I looked, and to my surprise I saw a Haunter. As I approached it came to me and went into my pokeball. I didn't know why I did it but I went with it, As I was sitting on the tree I fell asleep. Wondering who those boys where and what they were doing. I fell asleep thinking about this as my Pokemon rested as well.