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Dancing Genies

by Curtkid

Shantae and Hoopa dancing.jpeg
Curtkid Re-uploaded because I forgot to shade an entire area.

So, I recently got Shantae: Half-Genie hero on Steam. Fun game, really glad I bought it and this idea sort of popped into my head. I made Hoopa look like she wants to show Shantae how its done, but I guess she just finds Hoopa cute. Or maybe she's just happy she gets to hang out with another Genie, granted a Pokemon one, but hey, it counts!

Honestly, I'm surprised no one else has drawn anything like this, I looked too, couldn't find anything. Anyways, I sketched it out and thought it was worth coloring. Tried something a bit different with the coloring and, aside from a few things here and there, I kinda like how it came out!

Pokemon is Copyright Nintendo and Shantae is Copyright WayForward Technoogies , huh, this is the first time I had to credit someone other then Nintendo for my art.