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D&D Custom Sprites

by Shiny Pyxis

Adrian.png Atma.png Nico.png Norfire.png Lawrence.png Alexander.png
Shiny Pyxis So because we all seemed to be "omg this token does not match my character" in our D&D roll20 campaign, I brought it upon myself to make sprites for all of our characters for token purposes. Lovingly color-coded for your convenience, too!

The red dude is Adrian, aka @Tailon's character. Knight and meatshield #1 of the group, and also the resident "don't you dare break any rules or I'll have to stop you" good guy.

Blue one is @Atma's character named, um, Atma. The elf of the group and meatshield #2, he's also the group's fighter and seems to be rather smug.

Nico is the cute little girl with the yellow-ish color scheme. She's @Tangrow's character and is the adorable gnome bard of the group.

There's also Norfire, @Mr.RMA's character and our ranger. He's been really useful in combat situations with his nice range and ability to shoot two arrows at once.

Next, we have Lee the rogue, though he goes by Lawrence. He's actually a (biologically) female changeling who usually takes on the form of a male human. Oh, and yes, he's my character.

Newest addition to the cast is @Toru's character, Alexander. He's a half-elf paladin and kind of a mix between meatshield and future healer. I look forward to getting to know Alexander better in the future games~

And if anyone was wondering, our lovely GM is resident dragonlady @Dwayna DragonFire and she has to put up with all of our silly nonsense. Please give her a standing ovation for having to deal with us hooligans every Sunday.
  1. Dwayna DragonFire
    Dwayna DragonFire
    Excellent. I can implement these immediately.
    Jul 11, 2014