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Nega-Mega Evolutions: Concept Art- Nega-Mega Blastoise

by Mr.Munchlax

Mr.Munchlax This is another pokémon from my Nega-Mega Evolution series, since people liked my design of Nega-Mega Vanilluxe. This time, I wanted to use a pokémon that already has a regular Mega Evolution to show how much the transformations actually differ from each other. One reason why I chose Blastoise is because I know that a lot of people prefer its mega evolution over the ones the other Kanto starters received.

While trying to resemble Blastoise's original design as much as possible, I decided to use a snapping turtle as one of my major references for Nega-Mega Blastoise since it's naturally sharper, and portrayed as being nastier than most other turtle species.

Also, since Nega-Mega Evolutions cause a pokémon to become feral predators who only know how to attack and destroy, I decided to go overboard with Blastoise's two back canons and have them transform into an entire military arsenal. Not only has his two water canons become giant revolvers you normally find on gun ships, but Nega-Mega Blastoise is also equipped with smaller canons, rifles, torpedoes, missiles, and a spiked tail for good measure.

Lastly, this time I decided to add the Nega-Mega Evolutions' types and abilities, and showed here that Nega-Mega has Sniper to go along with his new toys
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