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Combusken Summary (I think) (Hoenn)

by CombuskenBrazil

CombuskenBrazil Yeee, the summary of my stories! I do not know if I'll make several counting only ONE character (mine, of course, or some other course changes, but maybe I'll connect with other summary), and well, the most obvious is to start with the first character, and a more likely Anime version of myself... COMBUSKEN!!1!!!
Name: Richard Oliver

Blood Type: A

Birthday: May 24

Age: Up to the League of Hoenn: 11
Sinnoh, Unova and until the arrival in Taya: 12
Back to Hoenn: 13
Re-Arrival in Taya: 14+

Awards: Ex-Champion of Hoenn Pokémon League, All the badges of the Hoenn Battle Frontier, All the badges of the Sinnoh Battle Frontier.

Curiosity: He chose as his nickname Combusken, that because he was saved from an angry Salamence by the Combusken of his father, which soon evolved into Blaziken.
Defeated all of Hoenn Gym Leaders in 3 days. (clap clap clap)

Now a little history:

Born in South River, Taya, Richard Oliver and his mother traveled to Hoenn, that to Richard learn to be, and be a future Pokémon trainer, thus, be able to return to Taya, the place made by trainers for trainers. But only the powrful Pokemons and powerful trainers are accepted (their own wild Pokémon are strong! Speaking of which, wildlife of Taya is composed of wildlife from 5 different regions, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova.)
So Richard started training since childhood to be in the future, a great Pokémon Trainer ...
His first Pokémon was a Torchic, found next to Littleroot, he just can capture it after winning his Pokédex sent from his father as a birthday present (11 years). Also, 11 years old, he met two new friends, Sapphire and Ruby (Sapphire met while training his Torchic, who also wanted to train together, and Ruby when he was running away from home).
When he came out on the first road, your Torchic evolved into Combusken, so was very easy to defeat the first 4 gym leaders easily, and also its Combusken refused to evolve into Blaziken.
After defeating the leaders in 3 days, decided to redo your trip by Hoenn, and thus giving importance to all the places where he spent, and can battle against common trainers.
Among all, met at the beginning of his "Re-trip", an organization called Team Aqua, and a little later, his rival, Team Magma. During his battles with Team Aqua Grunts, faced with a younger girl, Kim, who was interested in this trip, and made amends for his actions on Team Aqua, not so exactly because it was forced to do them.
Kim took his journey with him, with a promise (see description of "Team Aqua Grunt, Kim").
Kim's and Combusken's trip, had different purposes, Kim, wanted to fight against the two organizations, train her Pokémons and capture others. While Combusken, had to wait for the opening of the "Hoenn Pokémon League" which meanwhile, trained their Pokémon, and try to complete your Pokédex. (The events of Ruby and Sapphire games and manga are the same as "Re-Travel")

Hoenn Pokémon League:

Combusken did very well in it, his battles were against:

1st - Ace Trainer Tin - Win

2nd - Lady Anna - Win

3rd - Breeder Mark - Win

4th - Pokémon Ranger Charlie - Win

5th - Pokémon Trainer Wally - Win

6th - Veteran Pietro - Win

7th - Black Belt Ken - Win

8th - Pokémon Trainer Sapphire - Lose

He lost to Sapphire purposely. (To give her a chance, and he also had faced the Elite Four and the Champion... and won)


Pokémons of Richard/Combusken, their story and capture:

Raichu (Male):
Trapped by residents of New Mauville, by its theft crimes, and pranks, ended up being forgotten in his prison, and spent years stuck in it. Only with the help of wild Pokémon, survived all this time, to Sapphire and Combusken find, accidentally, the entrance to New Mauville. Only Raichu see Combusken, he remembers an old trainer, his friend (mysterious), so he wants to help Combusken in the trip and be trained by him.

Skarmory (Female):
A living fossil, from the ancient civilizations of Hoenn. Found in a research room, in a Fallarbor house. Being interpreted as a statue, was being analyzed by researchers, who took the calculations she lived for over 2.400 years. She was trapped in a glass cabin, which was about to be transported to the Nacrene Museum in Unova, until Skarmory saw Combusken/Richard, and saw his affinity for his Combusken, and, with the hope to fly again, escaped from the researchers, and "kidnapped" Richard/Combusken, in order to motivate to be your Pokémon, to just fly (because Skarmory never liked battles), and obvious, he captured.

Torchic / Combusken (Male):
Known since childhood, Richard and Combusken (Pokémon) are childhood friends. Combusken (Pokémon) always liked battles, and more the idea of winning the Pokémon League.

Kirlia (Male and Shiny):
His second Pokémon to be captured, was not captured to be shiny, but just to be trained and become stronger, because it suffered bullying from other Ralts for having a different color. (Richard had no idea at the time of the rarity of shiny Pokemon)

Hoenn farewell:

After the Pokémon League, he said goodbye to all your friends, to start your trip to Taya, but should go through Sinnoh and Unova to get Taya,
and thus his great adventure begins.....

(Possibly have more summaries of adventures, and updates on data already counted, as the team, and acquaintances)
(If you saw a error, tell me, because was hard translate, Ok? I'm brazilian! I took 3 days, boy!)
  1. CombuskenBrazil
    @LatiasMusic Thanks! But I'm a bit lazy too, I was reading more the Mangá, but this helped in the story...
    Jan 18, 2015
  2. NocturnalNetwork
    This is great. I'm usually lazy to do something like this. Good job :up:
    Jan 18, 2015
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