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Cloud's Sinnoh Journey (Chapter 2)

by SwiftNinetalez

SwiftNinetalez Cloud starts his journey in his new home in the Sinnoh region.
~Chapter 2~ September 1st, 2014.

Cloud: Ahhh.. what a beautiful morning! I can smell the aroma breezing through my window.

Cloud: Oh! I almost forgot! Mom promised me that she would make me a nice breakfast.

Cloud: Yumm.. Can't wait! :D

~Cloud dashes downstairs~

Cloud: Good Morning Mom! did you sleep well?

Mom: ...

Cloud: Mom? are you ok? did something happen?

Mom: CLOUD! I burnt the dang toast!


Cloud: OMG Mom! you know I love toast.. :'(

Mom: Don't worry honey, its gonna be alright, I'll just head to the store to buy some more.

Cloud: Ugh.. ok Mom..

Mom: By the way, do you want any bacon on your plate?

Cloud: Of course!

Mom: Ok dear, I'll just put some bacon and some waffles.

Cloud: Do you like waffles? YEAH I LIKE WAFFLES!

Mom: ... Really Cloud? that song.. on the Ipod.

Cloud: Haha! sorry Mom, I wanted to be funny.

Mom: (Thinks) Ughh.. Kids these days with their Ipod's..

Mom: Ok Cloud! your breakfast is ready! :')

Cloud: Oh boy! IM SO HUNGRY!
~10 Minutes later~

Cloud: Done Mom! that was delicious.

Mom: Ok dear.. Anything you have to do today?

Cloud: I don't think so.. I feel like Im suppose to go to the Profes---


Mom: Ugh.. But instead, I made you eat breakfast.

Cloud: Don't worry Mom! im on my way right now.

Mom: Ok Cloud, be careful ok? there are mean pokemon near "Twinleaf Town".

Cloud: I will be careful about them Mom! Goodbye and see you when I return.

Mom: Goodbye! have a funtime.

Mom: Cloud?

Cloud: Yeah Mom?

Mom: ... ...Nevermind Cloud, I forgot what I said.

Cloud: Ok Mom! byeeee.

~Cloud leaves his home~

Mom: Darn it! I should of told him about his ... ... Father.

Mom: Oh Martin! I'm so sorry for what they did to you! :'(
~Mom cries a little~

Mom: I'll get revenge honey, Don't.. you.. worry..

~Outside of Cloud's home~

Cloud: Wow! so warm outside, I can hear the Starly's chirping on the fresh green trees.

Cloud: I forgot! which starter will I choose?

Cloud: Hmmm.. Riolu? maybe.. Shinx? or maybe.. Gible?

Cloud: Aww man! I don't know which one to pick! they are all so good..

Cloud: What a minute.. Tyler!

Cloud: I should go see Tyler! him and me just moved here in Twinleaf Town.

Cloud: I wonder where Tyler is, maybe at his house.

Cloud: or he is probably at Route 201 already, he is usually never home in the mornings.

~Meanwhile at Route 201~

Team Atlantic Grunt: Sir! I have reported a trainer with brown hair running to the Wilson River. He might be a beginner trainer since he came from Twinleaf Town.

???: Thanks grunt, that info will be useful to me. HAHAHAHA! I shall kidnap that brown haired trainer! and make him beg for his eternal life! HEHEHE! :)

???: No one will stop me here.. Its pointless if they tried.

???: I will soon claim Sinnoh! and make it my region..

???: Then.. Even the champion won't be able to stop me!

Team Atlantic Grunt: Uhhh.. Sir? can I have my cash now?

???: Yes yes, of course! here is $10, go spend it on a soda or something.

???: Oh and one more thing grunt.

Team Atlantic Grunt: Yes sir?

???: Call over Atlantic Admin Sierra, if we have any problems.

Grunt: Yes sir! I will do what you say.

???: Excellent.

~End of Chapter 2~
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