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Chpt. 4 WIP

by LunarMxgic

LunarMxgic #summercamp15
"What do you mean it's not ready!?" She yelled, slamming a clenched fist onto her desk, clearly in a state of rage. This caused him to take a step back, before recollecting himself, inhaling to speak.
"Well, ma'am, there were a few complications..." He spoke, bracing himself for whatever punishment he would have received. But nothing happened. For a full minute, there was absolute silence, until the woman stood up from her desk, sighing. He had expected this, for her to suddenly calm down, which calmed him. She made her way over to him, but passed him, walking up to a large glass pane, and pressing her hand to it.
Beyond the pane, the woman examined a bundle of scientists overseeing and working on a chamber. This chamber contained two red orbs, extremely unstable, as they vibrated and fidgeted around in the area in which they were contained. She stood still, wondering how damaged they truly were, and if they were ever to be reused the way they were fifty years ago. Again, she looked to the orbs, and gasped, seeing how they were suddenly in a form of utmost stability. This puzzled her.
She ran through a set of double doors, down a flight of stairs, and made a left into the lab. The scientists were also all staring in complete surprise, as if the orbs had stabilized all on their own. Suddenly, they both immediately suspended from their airborne state, and fell to the ground. She smiled, ordering that the chamber be opened at once.
As the glass cylinder fell into the ground, the woman pulled out two braces, one pink, and one blue, that seemed just the right size to fit around the two orbs. She placed one on either red orb, and they clamped shut on contact. She grinned, snapping her fingers, signalling for a scientist to bring a case over. She took the case and put both braced orbs inside perfectly fit spaces made in black foam. She closed the silver case, picked it up, and walked away.

* * *​

Piper took a huge bite out of her sandwich, grinning at the wonderful taste. She swung her legs underneath the table where she had placed her bag. Amalia was also eating a lunch of her own, however she was sitting by a nearby lake with her and her friend's pokemon, watching them all play around. Leo, who had stood up to get his Chimchar, almost lost it when he saw a poster that read "Oreburgh City Local Contest! Bring your most spectacular talent, coordinators!"
At reading the poster, Leo scooped Chimchar up, and began marching to the contest hall. The little monkey curiously looked onward
  1. Rovenz
    Bad news, the summer camp already finished.
    Sep 19, 2015