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The Melancholy of the Demon Lord Sai.: Childish

by AzureEdge

AzureEdge This is the 9th chapter of the Melancholy of the Demon lord Sai, and before you read any of this, I ask that you read the earlier chapters for clarification! #summercamp15
“You don’t have to be this nice to me, y’know.”

“I haven’t seen you in ten years; do you really think I would treat you with such discourtesy?”

Rafael nodded, and Sai laughed. “You are one of my pillars for my kingdom; do you really think I would just let you rot in there? I really expect more of you Rafael.” Rafael nodded.

Sai was covered in blood, with scratches and bruises, and held his sword like he was about to drop it and collapse. He slashed the opponent in front of him with his sword, and huffed in tiredness.

But it wasn’t just Sai covered in bruises and bumps. It seemed that he was with other demons, who were all fighting alongside him were all concerned about their king. Finally someone spoke up. “Lord Sai! We need you to take a break.”

He smiled, but it didn’t look like this man was going to stop anytime soon. “Rafael, If I take a break then they can advance! I won’t let them move another inch from where they are! Everyone, I want you to strike them from where they stand! ”

Rafael courteously spoke, “Lord Sai, please take a break.” Sai looked at Rafael when he heard a human scream, “Go die demon king!” This human was coming straight his way, and was about to strike him when Rafael slashed his sword. “You will not lay a hand on his majesty.”

The man dropped dead where he was. As for Sai, he started breathing even harder than before, and started to fall. There seemed to be yelling and cheering from the other side of the battlefield, but from this side of the battlefield, there seemed to be a bunch of scowls. Rafael caught his lord, so he didn’t hit the floor and yelled at the other demons, “Lord Sai is tired, but he will be fine with some sleep. As for you lot, I want you all to keep fighting! We will not stop, and we will win this war!” The crowd on the demon side of the battlefield cheered, and continued fighting.

Rafael carried the worn-out Sai and walked to his other general. “I’m going to take his majesty to the fort to rest. I want you to carry ground here until I get back. If the humans gain a single inch of ground before I get back, we will both be punished.”

“I get it Rafael, you don’t have to tell me twice.”

“Mercy, I wish you the best of luck. Whatever you do, just don’t die out there.”

“I won’t, I promised you and Sai that ages before this war started. Now go!” Rafael took out his dark-brown wings, and flew off. He eventually carried Sai to the fort, tired now as well, but he was glad that no human came to harm his lord.

Sara pointed to Rafael. “Daddy, can’t we take him to the town authorities?”

She was growing taller day by day, and some day, she was going to catch up to Sai’s height. When she was a kid, Sai used to go through her hair, without any problems, but now, Sai had to stand on his tippy-toes to put his arm on her without any problems, but it looked at awkward as it was. Sai had a quick thought. She was 10, would she even like that anymore? Who cares.

Sai saged through her hair, and she smiled. “We can, but I don’t want them to get involved in my business. They‘re already a pest when it comes to gossip.”

Sara was now reminded of her little stroll in town yesterday. “Gossip? Oh, yea, I forgot to tell you, when I was in town the other day, there wasn’t any gossip when I was there by myself!”

Rafael sighed. “There was, you just don’t know it. For the last couple of years, people think you and Sai are married.”

Sai and Sara blushed, and were too embarrassed to look at each other, but they both said in unison, “What?”

Cecil looked at the two, and sighed. “Wasn’t it obvious by now?”

Sai was getting redder by the second. “No, it was really not that obvious!”

Cecil and Rafael said together, “Well, it should be obvious now.”

“How long did you two know of this rumor?”

Cecil sighed, I guess that secret he kept was over. He sighed and said, “I knew about it for a while now, I laughed a couple times thinking about it.”

Rafael sighed as well, “I heard about it from some teenage girls; they would love to be you right now, although you’re only ten. You’re the town’s main hot-topic.”

“You two would make a great couple.”

The two screamed, as Sai kept thinking of ways to punish them. “We would not!”

Sara was as pink as a rose. “He’s my dad! That’s so embarrassing!”

Cecil smiled. “He’s only 18 years older than you.”

“18 years is such a long time!”

Rafael chuckled. “18 years is nothing in my eyes.”

Sara pointed at Rafael, “Well, I guess that you’re an old man.”

“I guess you can call me an old man then.”

“Well, old man, I forgive you for what you did yesterday, but I’m only doing it, because it’ll make daddy happy that I’m strong.”

“I should have apologized for that in the beginning, but I’m glad you accepted my apology.” Sai smiled, and wanted to give her as much ice cream as she wanted! He notified Cecil with a wave of his hand to find some way to bring Blue-Raspberry Ice Cream, in less than an hour, without it melting. He immediately headed out to get the ice cream.

Rafael smiled. “Yo, Sai, I’ll want to take a walk with the girl. I won’t do anything to her, don’t worry.”

“Why do you want to talk to her?”

“I just want to tell her how big of a young-lady she is.”

Sai glared at him, but it looked like there was no evil aspect inside him, or as of yet. He looked at Rafael suspiciously. “Sure thing, but make sure to be back in less than half-an hour. If it’s a second past a quarter to six, I will cut off your head.” He smiled, and let the two be.

“So, you seem like you want to talk with something. What is it?”

He smiled. “Well, you’re very observant.”

“I am indeed. Anyways, would you like to follow me?”

“I don’t like where this is going, but if you do something to me, daddy will find out, and he’ll kill you.”

“Exactly. I’m not going to do anything; we’re just going to walk to the garden.”

“Why the garden?”

“I don’t know, but I like that place.” Sara and Rafael walked to the garden.

“Now, why do you call him daddy?”

“Well, he’s my dad, so I call him with respect.”

“You know you’re holding him back from his true potential, but could you please stop trying to be childish?”

“I’m being childish?”

“Of course you are. You think you’re a noble-lady acting just like that?”

“I’m not a noble lady!”

“Yet Sai keeps thinking that you are. Do you know how many kids would kill for this type of lavish living? At least try to act like a civil lady.”

Sara wondered,“How do other kids live like?”

“Other kids work their entire lives off, and the nobles rule. As a noble lady, your role is to grow up quick and get married, with authority.”

“Why do I have to grow up quick? I’m only ten!”

“Exactly. Did you know that Sai fought in a war at the age of ten?”

Sara was mystified. He didn’t seem like the type to even be near a battlefield! “He did?”

He nodded. “He did, and I was there watching right beside him.”

Rafael stopped beating around the bush, and finally came to his points.“First off, you could be less of a nuisance to him by calling him father instead of daddy.”

“What’s the difference in saying father and dad?”

“Father sounds way more lady-like, what you should be. I know you can’t be lady-like in a day, but I want you to improve on it for now. If you want, I’ll ask my wife to visit, and she’ll give you a couple pointers.”

Sara was shocked. “You have a wife?”

Rafael nodded. “Her name is Mercy; she’s as beautiful and sweet as you are.”

“Where is she? Does she know you’re traveling?”

“She’s at home, and no, she doesn’t know, but if Sai lets me go, I’m going to visit home and tell her to visit sometime, ok?”

“Sure thing! I’d love a friend!”

“She’d love a friend too!” The two walked to the dining room, in which Cecil and Sai was there waiting for them. Cecil handed them their blue-raspberry ice-cream and due to that, Sara’s face lighted up. “Thanks father!”

“F-father? What’s with the sudden change in words?” he then pointed at Rafael. “Don’t tell me he did this to you!”

“I merely started talking about my wife, and how she would visit in the future. She’d help her to act lady-like, so she should start learning the basics now.”

Cecil sighed. “Lady Sara is already a lady; she doesn’t need to act like that.’

“Then how in the world are you going to send her off? No noble would want her, but then again she has about 5 more years until someone would ask you for her.”

Sai sighed. “And in those 5 years, I will tell that person to go away, and become a man.”

Sara then thought about Rafael's relationship with Sai, and wondered, how did the two know eachother? She pondered, but nothing came to mind, but then spoke.“I want to act lady-like for my husband, and you all. I’ve been a child for far too long.” Sai looked at Raphael, who was only smiling at the thought. She’s got some will-power there; will she act on it, or is it all words?

Sai smiled. “I understand Sara. I guess this is just a phase you’re having, so I’ll let it be.”

Sara yelled, and ran as fast as she could out of the garden. “Daddy, catch me!”

Sai knew the little 4 year old burgundy clad girl would not stop running, but there were oh-so many places she could hide in this castle. After all, he knew all of the hidden entrances, and hiding places in this castle that it was impossible to not find her.

He shouted as he ran to the library, “I’ll catch you my honey!”

Once he was in the library, he looked under the table. “I guess she’s not here… or is she!” He ran to the closed curtain, and swiped it open, only to find the 4-year old Sara right in front of him.

“I guess you found me daddy!”

“I did? Do you know how?”

“It’s magic!”

“No, but do you want to guess again?”

Sara shrugged her shoulders. “I dunno.”

Sai took his young daughter, and put her on his shoulders. “When you’re happy, I’m happy, no matter how you choose to be. Rich, noble, spoiled, childish, stubborn, you’re still, and always be my daughter.”

Sara smiled, as if her dad would be happy,she would be happy.
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